FRIM #14: Streifenjunko + Moir/Rodrigues

18 Apr 2019 - 19:30


Eivind Lønning (NO) - trumpet/electronics
Espen Reinertsen (NO) - saxophone/electronics

Entré 100kr ordinarie / 80kr medlem

Streifenjunko is on a release tour for their new album Like Driving and have taken a shift towards electronic sounds. Their previous albums "No Longer Burning" (SOFA 2009) and "Sval Torv" (SOFA 2012) was remarkable in the magnificent sound achieved only with a saxophone and trumpet. With the seemingly endless possibilities of electronic instruments their strategy of finding simple tasks has been put to the test, and in the making of this album Streifenjunko was put back to the starting position to re-discover their focus and recognisable simplicity. The result is music with sharp edges and sudden changes, crude starting and stopping. The engine of the music is the interlocking of slow moving streams. Some of the electronics are self generating for Espen and Eivind to follow, and the different sounds and layers are multiplexed using starting and stopping signals. To play is simply to follow the signals, like driving.

Streifenjunko has been making music together since 2005, and during these years, the members Espen Reinertsen (saxophone) and Eivind Lønning (trumpet) have worked closely together to present truly unique and original compositions on more than 200 concerts all over the world. They have been heard on festivals such as Densités Festival, Sonic Acts, Baignade Interdite, Meteo, Borderline, Festival Cable, KLAENG Festival, Crác Festival, Asphalt Festival, The NOWnow Festival, Ultima, Oct-Loft, Rue du Nord, Hagenfesten, Punkt, Soddjazz, All Ears, KIMfest, Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Moldejazz. They often perform together in other projects as well, most notably in the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, and also with numerous other recognized artists in the field of experimental music and art.

A sample of Streifenjunko's album Like Driving can be found here:

Photo: Daniele Franchi PHOTO


Johan Moir - Double Bass
Guillherme Rodrigues (PT) - cello

With the use of extended techniques, preparations, harmonics and multiphonics the duo of Johan Moir & Guilherme Rodrigues dives into a myriad of sound exploration. By letting small sounds and minimalistic movements be central in the music, they dwell in soundscapes where the cello and double bass can intwine, merging as one entity, creating a singular new identity.
Johan Moir and Guilherme Rodrigues met while they were both residing in Berlin 2016 and has since then collaborated together. The duo recorded their debut Album “Hollow Wood” at Studio Boerne in Berlin, which was released at Creative Sources in April 2018.

“Rodrigues and Johan investigate the outer limits of the hollow wood of their instruments, with great focus on detail and remarkable discipline. Their instruments become an imaginative sound generators, producing a rich palette of sounds” “But more often these mad scientists of bows and strings sound as attempting to decipher an incantation to a higher sonic enlightenment, No doubt, they are on the right way. (Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts)

Samples of Johan Moir and Guillherme Rodrigues' album Hollow Wood can be found here:


Was born 1988 in Lisboa, Portugal and started playing cello and trumpet at Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa at the age of 7. In 1999 joined Conservatório Nacional de Música de Lisboa to study classical and music theory and in the current year recorded his first album - Multiples - with Ernesto Rodrigues and José Oliveira out on Creative Sources Recordings.
Apart from work in music ensembles ranging for contemporary classical to free improvisation, also works with live music poetry, theatre and film-music. After lengthy residency in Lisboa, (1988-2016) moved to Berlin and has been active as composer and improviser in the scene.
Has performed and toured in all Europe. Released more than 40 albums of his own projects.


Johan Moir is an improvising Double Bass player & composer from Sweden. In his playing, Johan explores the acoustic possibilities of the double bass by using extended techniques and preparations as well as his knowledge in just intonation, to create an interesting flow of overtones and soundscapes.
After being based in Gothenburg, Melbourne and Berlin, Johan is now based in Stockholm. Johan has toured in various European countries as well as in Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, Palestine and the US.
Johan has released several albums with different projects, such as “transitions” with SVELIA (2015), “Chasing Shadows” with Johan Moir Ensemble (2015) and “Ignition” with the duo Ignite in 2018.

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