"Dansa Haiku?" - Le DBNP/Ipshita Rajesh // Casey Moir/Kelsey Cotton

28 Apr 2019 - 18:30

"Dansa Haiku?" - Le DBNP/Ipshita Rajesh

Casey Moir/Kelsey Cotton

Opening 18:30, show starts at 19.
Free entrance, kids welcome!


"Dansa Haiku" is a playful and experimenting collaboration between the quartet "Le DBNP" and the Bharatanatyam dancer Ipshita Rajesh based on text, poetry and storytelling. Bharatanatyam, as other classical indian dance styles is always relating to the text. With the program ORD/LJUD, Le DBPN is also exploring a relation to the text in improvisation. The performance is meant for adults and also for kids of all ages.Le DBNP is:Girilal Baars - voice, hurdy gurdyAnna Petraskevica - flute, bass flute, piccolaMats Dimming - contrabassYann Le Nestour - voice, viola da gamba, bass clarinet

Casey Moir explores the extended properties of the voice. Intrigued by unconventional sounds and textures, she incorporates these into her music with determination and subtle precision. Improvisation, sound direction, room and space are key elements in her artistic exploration. She has performed at festivals and venues all over Europe, in Australia, Taiwan, USA and Mexico, released several albums and is currently based in Sweden after some years in Berlin.

Known for her chameleonic musicianship and performance of new and experimental works, Kelsey Cotton is an Australian born vocalist devoted to pushing the limits of the human voice. She graduated from the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music (AUS) with her Bachelor of Music (Honours) in voice performance in 2017, and since then has sung across an array of genres in festivals and concerts across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Member production: Yann Le Nestour