CoPeCo Collective+ Emelie Markgren / Dance Improv / V4R1

Price: 80/60 kr.

Door opens at 19:00 concert starts at 19:30
Djs Sndr & Yrgs at the bar


CoPeCo Collective + Emelie Markgren

Being known for their energetic and curious performances, the CoPeCo collective is no stranger to new and experimental music. For this special concert in Fylkingen, they will be joined by visual artist Emilie Markgren. Emelie will explore a combination of action painting and interactive sculpture. The movements will explore the usage of tools and lengthenings of human body, like an abstraction of a painting brush, like an abstract instrument, how a tool creates movements and how it could be be used in relation to the soundscape.

CoPeCo is a joint master’s programme co-hosted by the KMH and music colleges in Tallinn, Lyon, and Hamburg, with a focus on experimental performance, composition, improvisation, and collaborative creation. The CoPeCo class is: Ryszard Alzin, Sara Constant, Kelsey Cotton, Jana De Troyer, Sandra Kuntu Blankson, Tamara Laverman, Robert Menczel, Sander Saarmets, Giorgos Stavridis and Mélanie Vibrac.



V4R1 is an Taiwan-born audiovisual group created by Sander Saarmets, composer and Virge Loo, visual artist. In 2017, V4R1 released their debut album via Estonian boutique label Grainy Records. The eponymous album drew inspiration from the mystical island of Formosa, its nocturnal cityscapes and immense forces of nature.

V4R1 is simultaneously minimalistic and massive, slow and intense. Boreal sound structures interlace with visual landscapes. Intensified electronic heartbeats guide listeners through an environment of microscopic and large-scale transformations. V4R1's visuals, created from ink surfaces and drawings, are symbiotically connected to its music – they observe and follow their sonic counterpart.

Dance Impro / CoPeCo collective + Movers

Bodies in a room moving to connect, listening to what their being together produces.
There is a time. There is a space. No one knows what will happen.
This encounter will take part as a free improvisation in which sound and movement co-exist. The CoPeCo collective and five movers will meet on stage with the purpose of opening a space of shared responsibility and embodied listening where the physical and the sensorial will be in the forefront.

Movers: Andrea Diaz Ghiretti, Tania González, Britta Olsson, Isabelle Ragnarsson and Alica Tserkovnaja.

Member production: Hara Alonso