Ny musik för piano och elektronik med Bröndum/Ullén

Premiär av nyskriven musik av Lars Bröndum och Lisa Ullen. #FST100

Insläpp 18.30, konsert startar kl. 19.00

Inträde 100:-/stud 60:-

Lisa Ullén is a graduate of the Royal Musical Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, where she studied classical piano in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Since the late 1990s, she has devoted herself entirely to improvised music, in the form of free jazz as well as avant garde and contemporary classical and experimental music. A versatile player with a singular musical vision, Ullén has repeatedly proven her ability to imprint her absolute sense for tonal texture on whatever musical context she appears in.

Internationally recognized as a distinctive and uncompromising musician and composer, Ullén over the last decade has produced more than fifteen albums.

Ullén has collaborated extensively with many well-known Swedish artists and dancers, and has also scored several dramatic productions. She’s also performed and recorded music by contemporary composers .



Lars Bröndum is a musician and composer, and has performed throughout the world. Bröndum’s music often explores the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments and integration of improvisation into through-composed music. He performs live as a solo artist and in several ensemble configurations using analog modular synthesizers, Theremin and effect pedals.

His CD “Fallout” (2015) was awarded ‘best experimental music album’ at the SOM (Independent Music Labels of Sweden) Manifest Awards 2016. He has previously released "Chain of Events" (2011) on Elektron Records and recently "The Text and Sound Project” (2017) and in 2018 the album "Chimera Cadence” (2018) on Antennae Media label.

Bröndum completed his PhD in Music Theory and Composition at University of Pittsburgh in 1992. He also has a Masters degree in Composition and Music Theory (1989) and a Bachelors of Music degree in Guitar Performance (1987) from the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Skövde at the Department of Media, Aesthetics and Narration (School of Informatics). Bröndum also runs an independent record label, Antennae Media www.antennaemedia.se

More info: www.antennaemedia.se