Hara, Castrillón & Wu // Sergio Andrés Castrillón Solo // Alexandra & Co.

28 Nov 2018 - 19:00

Hara, Castrillón & Wu
Hara Alonso, piano and electronics
Sergio Andrés Castrillón, amplified-prepared cello
Pol Wu, percussion

Accompanied by the cellist Sergio Castrillón and the percussionist Pol Wu, Hara Alonso- piano and electronics- presents her last album “Pianoïse”. This trio stablish an acoustic-electronic dialogue between the three sonic universes.

The Colombian-Helsinki based cellist- Sergio Andrés Castrillón proposes a huge range of extended techniques with his amplified-prepared cello.

Pol Wu approaches the percussion around the concept “everything is hittable”. He has created his own electronic-acoustic instrument, an infinite instrument able to materialize the imagined sound.For many years Hara Alonso has been exploring, deconstructing and dancing with the piano. In this project piano meets electronics, expanding timbrical possibilities and mixing rhythm, texture and melody.

In the album “Pianoïse” all these elements blend together in an eclectic sonic pallete, beyond genre. Somewhere between contemporary music and electronics.

Sergio Andrés Castrillón
solo amplified-prepared cello

During an improvised and composed-in-real-time set, Sergio Castrillón explores radical sonorities in his AMPLIFIED-PREPARED CELLO, ranging from extreme string tunings that re-signify the timbre of the instrument, to different noise spectrums.

Alexandra Nilsson & Co.

Live electronic set with various stones.

Alexandra Nilsson is a composer and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work stretches between sound art, noise, electronica and free improvisation. She mainly composes and performs with trumpet or other objects and live-electronics. The interaction and borderland between acoustic and electronic sound worlds is of great interest to her.
Lyrical as well as brutal, minimalist and maximalist, organic and non-organic, she creates both order and chaos.
Alexandra is an active member of Fylkingen (www.fylkingen.se), the main venue for experimental music and arts in Stockholm and works on a regularbasis at Elektronmusikstudion (elektronmusikstudion.se centre for Swedish electroacousticmusic and sound-art.)



Entré 100/80 kr
Doors open at 19:00, concert starts at 19:30

Medlemsproduktion: Hara Alonso