Välkommen till FRIM på FYLKNGEN #9 som denna gång presenterar ännu en fantastisk Line-up!

Denna gång får vi besök av den fantastiska duon Biliana Voutchkova / Michael Thieke från Berlin som nyligen släppt den kritikerrosade skivan "Blurred Music. Vi får ett unikt soloset från Trondheimsbaserade slagverkaren Matilda Rolfsson och sist men inte minst kommer den nyligen utflyttade Stockholmaren Niklas Fite, numera baserad i Köpenhamn hit med sin duo med Berlin-baserade basisten Alexander Frangenheim.

Dörrarna öppnas 19.30.
Endast kortbetalning

Mer Info om banden:

Alexander Frangenheim - Kontrabas
Niklas Fite - Gitarr, Banjo

Duon Frangenheim/Fite startade 2016 och har arbetat intensivt med sin musik. Tillsammans jobbar de med en musik som är koncentrerad, fylld med ett tätt samspel, dynamik och drama. 2018 släpptes deras debutskiva ”Sugar is a necessary fluid”.
Alexander Frangenheim är en basist som är baserad i Berlin. Han har varit aktiv på improvisations-scenen sedan 80-talet och har samarbetat med musiker som Günter Christmann, Roger Turner, Isabelle Duthoit, Pat Thomas etc. och varit en del av gruppen zeitkratzer.
Niklas Fite (f.1995) är en gitarrist och banjoist från Stockholm och baserad i Köpenhamn. Han har varit aktiv på improvisations-scenen i några år och har spelat med t.ex. Raymond Strid, Isak Hedtjärn, Tristan Honsinger, Phil Minton m.fl.

Foto: Christina Marx

Matilda Rolfsson - Slagverk

Matilda Rolfsson f. 1987, är en svensk perkussionist boende och verksam i Trondheim. Hon är utbildad vid Institutt for Musikk NTNU, Jazzlinja samt en mastergrad från Institutt for Musikk NTNU och därtill utbytes-studier vid Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, London. Med sin horisontella 20” bastrumma utgör Matilda Rolfsson ett särpräglat och texturalt perkussivt uttryck med vilket hon de senaste åren kommit att göra ett bestående avtryck bland kritiker såväl som hos publik. Matilda är aktiv solo, tillsammans med dansare eller i olika konstellationer med celebra improvisations musiker så som: Maggie Nicols, Lisa Ullén (Trio Generations),Phil Minton, Joëlle Léandre, Veryan Weston, Elisabeth Harnik, Sten Sandell, Guro Moe och Hannah Marshall mfl.

Foto: Christina Marx

Biliana Voutchkova - violin/voice, Michael Thieke - clarinet

The music of the Voutchkova/Thieke duo focuses on micro tonality, imagery and intensely dynamic, often slowly developing and moving soundscapes. Violinist Biliana Voutchkova and clarinetist Michael Thieke have worked together within (and in between) both compositional and improvisational methods since 2011. They played concerts in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, the USA. In 2016 the duo started developing their concept Blurred Music which is dedicated to the translation of the visual concept of blurriness into sonic forms and strategies. In 2018 Voutchkoava and Thieke received a grand from Musikfonds in Germany to develop this concept further into two new directions - a quartet extension with bass recorder player Miako Klein and double bass player Andrew Lafkas,
as well as a new long length installation format with durations of up to 5 hours.

The granulation of sound into exquisite detail was once the field of the electronic music composer. But, a new type of instrumental virtuosity has been mastered by artists such as Voutchkova and Thieke. Emerging from experimental and improvisational practices, it’s a virtuosity that puts a lens on the particles of sound within sounds. And through deconstruction of (traditionally conceived) instrumental tone, these granulated particles of sound became the material of a whole new world of music being created on the same old instruments. As a result of their close collaboration, the duo has developed a strong interest in exploring further the details of this new world increasing the sensitivity of perception for themselves and their audiences. Voutchkova and Thieke deliver the findings of these explorations with intensity, chiseled beauty and expressive communication fully formed, their search being continuous and ever expanding.

Foto: Boriana Pandova

Blurred Music CD Release concert

Live at Sammlung Hoffmann/Berlin

Live concert at ADK/Akademie der Künste Berlin

About Blurred Music
"It’s a pleasure to follow the patient, intricate explorations of this Berlin based duo, as Voutchkova’s string
double-stoppings mesh with Thieke’s woodwind multiphonics. Notes pass into noise and back again.

....Some of these passages have a remarkable, haunted quality, as if the music is
staring at itself in a mirror... The result is a fresh, very listenable stretch of close instrumental interplay."
Clive Bell, The Wire (UK)

"The vibe or flow has a mysterious sense of synchronicity, a current that runs throughout, which can be felt by those sympathetic to the magic
forces within. There is quite a bit more going on here that one might imagine. The duo slowly yet consistently shift through many different layers,
melodic and abstract fragments are in constant motion, making the results both fascinating and unpredictable.
Bruce Lee Gallanter DowntownMusic Gallery (USA)

“…I was overwhelmed by the passionate intensity and unity of their music. Their conversations have substance
and are full of nuance and subtleties that matter.”
DM, Vital Weekly

“…simply surrender to the magnificent sonic universes of Voutchkova and Thieke. Soon enough you may find yourself drawn again and again to their addictive duets, wishing for more and always discovering new nuances and ideas. Voutchkova and Thieke offer an arresting journey through sounds and sounds within sounds, increasing their and ours, the listeners, sensitivity of perception. Their sonic explorations are sketched with quiet intensity, reserved but passionate dynamics, adventurous, inventive spirit and austere beauty. Both carefully deconstructs the conventional, sonic spectrum of their instruments into subtle particles that flow organically, creating a completely new language on their own…”
Eyal Hareuveni, Free Jazz Blog

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