XKatedral n.8

November 30 / 20:00 - 01:00 / 80kr

Mats Erlandsson
Zach Rowden
Sorrowing Christ + Händer Som Vårdar
Elena Wolay (DJ)
Free The Land (Exhibition)

+ XKatedral tape releases by Mats Erlandsson, Zach Rowden and Daniel Karlsson.



JH1.FS3 is the duo of Frederikke Hoffmeier and Jesse Sanes. Though each figures individually in the now-generation of industrial noise—as Puce Mary and Liebestod respectively—JH1.FS3 delineates a more subtle “cinema of the ear.” Here, their words are spoken amidst a savvy re-assembly of 20th century avant-sonics: music concrète, technique extension, and pure electronic sound.


Mats Erlandsson is part of the vibrantly reemerging field of drone music in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as being a studio assistant at the world-renowned Electronic Music Studio (EMS). Erlandsson presents his work both as a solo artist and in collaborations, most notably together with Yair Elazar Glotman and Maria Horn.


Zach Rowden in an American musician dealing with the acoustic and performative possibilities of the contrabass and violin. His fierce improvisational approach strips away the raw textural make up of these iconic acoustic instruments, rendering a complex timbral transformation of their sound and a complete obliteration of the listeners own understanding of the sonic potential of the contrabass and violin. Zach’s promising release for XKatedral, “Tasked”, is a severe harnessing of pyschoacoustic rhythms and microtonality through the simplistic instrumentation of contrabass and feedback. His current projects and collaborators include Iancu Dumitrescu and the late Ana-Maria Avram’s Hyperion Ensemble, The Ghost, Tongue Depressor, Charmaine Lee, Tyshawn Sorey, Robert Black, Leila Bordreuil, Kali Malone, Paul Flaherty, Chris Cretella, Matt Sargent, and Wendy Eisenberg.


Sorrowing Christ consists of Kali Malone – a Stockholm based musician and composer who co-operates the XKatedral label — and Aaron Miller Rehm – a Colorado based artist operating the Bleak Environment label and in the projects Leopard in a Tree, Flowering Blade and City Hunter.

As they spend most of their time separated by the Atlantic ocean, a Sorrowing Christ live show is something rare to come across. Earlier occasions include performances in Denver’s Rhinoceropolis together with Spectral Voice and City Hunter, inside the legendary disbanded iron mine at Norbergfestival, within a Czech hussite church, and together with Drew McDowall in Stockholm. Sorrowing Christ is part of the Arizona label and artist collective Ascetic House. For this occasion they are joining forces with Händer Som Vårdar.


Henrik Söderström, a founding member of the Stockholm-based Masskultur experimental music booking collective, has been making music under the name Händer Som Vårdar for 10 years, performing in Sweden, Europe and the United States. HSV’s catalogue of underground cassette releases vary in style and production, forming different iterations of the sound at the core of the project: a highly personal, industrial noise music. Informed by his studies in visual arts, the music of HSV examines the emotive potential of timbre, the specifics of media and the conceptuality of sounds, all assembled in a referential, “plastic” process that echoes both musique concrète and the sampling culture of contemporary electronic music.


Elena Wolay is a curator, lecturer, organizer, and a music journalist based in Malmö. Elena is a creative force within the Swedish music scene, consistently setting the focus on free music and radical art. Her most noted project is Jazz Är Farligt.

FREE THE LAND (exhibition)

Free The Land is an evolving project of change agent Jesse Sanes. A media diary of environmental impressions natural and domestic, it has manifested in print, collage work, soundmap contributions, guerrilla internet performance, live electronics, and immersive audio and visual installation. FTL pulls field recordings, found sound, and computer speech into a compost of synthesis and free manipulation. Since the performance celebrating the release of ‘“Bedside Ecology” - a multimedia USB drive on Brendan Fowler's 'nontraditional' label DM8H943, Free The Land convenes as a collaborative trio with Sanes, Frederikke Hoffmeier – who aside from the disquieting dynamics of Puce Mary also collaborates with Sanes in JH1.FS3 – and Nial Morgan who has played it harsh and loose in solo projects Wrong Hole and Race to the Bottom. This specific iteration of Free The Land sees the addition of Kali Malone, Aaron Miller Rehm and Henrik Söderström.




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