Ambitious Tapes release: Lisa Stenberg

3 Nov 2018 - 19:00

David Granström
Lisa Stenberg

Lisa Stenberg - Monument CS

Slow waves of Synthi 100 emerging through monolithic marble spaces,
extending into infinity.
Monument embodies intense sensitivity, a vulnerable density that embraces
our depths within. Through a intimate process based on listening, Lisa
tuned herself to the machine and the beauty of the electricity under her
hands, transforming pulsing voltage and vibrating power.

Lisa Stenberg is a composer hailing from the north of Sweden based in
Stockholm. Her music oscillates in the field of instrumental,
electroacoustic and electronic music, exploring extended durations and
states of eternity.

David Granström makes synthesized electronic music formed by algorithmic
and aleatoric processes, suspended in timeless stasis via stretched
durations and gradual, cyclical change.
This evening he will present the first iteration of a new live-coding set
based on material from his ongoing project "{}.play".

Ambitious Tapes
Ambitious music.
On tape.

entrance 80kr/ 100kr
card only for door & bar
cash or swish for cassettes


Medlemsproduktion: Daniel M Karlsson, Lisa Stenberg