Release-konsert f “WORD” ett album av och med Le DBPN

30 Aug 2018 - 19:00

En kväll för text och fri musik.

Anna Petraskevica – flute
Mats Dimming – Double bass
GIrilal Baars – voice, vielle à roue, objects
Yann le Nestour – reeds, viola da gamba

Kvartetten Le DBPN har spelat ihop i flera år. 2017 genomförde de en 12-timmars konsert i Dome of Visions och 2018 var de inbjudna till Poesimässan i Stockholm. De spelades också in och släpper nu sitt debut album “WORD”.

Casey Moir – voice, effects, percussion objects
Johan Moir – double bass, objects

A sparkle of sound ignites. Effects capture, contort and distort. The bow sings. Soundscapes emerge. All things intricately woven together, captivating room and space. IGNITE is a meeting of embellished double bass with amplified extended voice, steered with careful intent through a web of cables and effects to construct and deconstruct spontaneously.

IGNITE released their debut album “Ignition” in January 2018. The duo has toured in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Taiwan and Australia and has done ad-hoc collaborations with musicians and dancers.



Tid: dörrarna öppnar 19.00, musik från 1930
Pris: fri entré


Medlemsproduktion: Girilal Baars