15 Jun 2018 - 19:00
16 Jun 2018 - 19:00

You are invited to TITWRENCH STOCKHOLM - an all-ages music and art event spanning three evenings focused on women and LGBTQ+ artists + musicians pushing the boundaries of genre and form.


experimental, punk, lo-fi, folk, psychedelic, performance, heavy rock, goth-pop and more!


Titwrench operates as a collective of artists, musicians, and filmmakers and other creatives, who work together to organize a multimedia festival showcasing women and LGBTQ+ artists.

Titwrench exists to elevate, empower and amplify artists and musicians who are pushing the boundaries of genre and form.

We seek to cultivate community and collaboration among women and LGBTQ+ artists, unconventional music, feminist thought and inspire collaborative works with educational workshops, panels and discussions, community events, music showcases, dance, and cinema.

Support the festival by buying advanced tickets and/or donating to our fundraiser: tinyurl.com/TWstockholm


Full festival passes on sale now! Buy your 2-day pass for 250 kr. Once they sell out, day passes will be available for 200 kr and full festival passes for 350 kr.


For more information on each day check out:

Bio Rio Opening Night Film Festival: https://www.facebook.com/events/1266962336772454/

Tickets 60 kr, sold separately from festival pass: http://www.biorio.se/#/movie/464

Day 1:

Day 2:


HERE'S THE LINEUP! Featuring our emcee Piper Rose (US)!


15 June - 18:00 until Late at Fylkingen

19:00 - Sing Down the Moon (US) folk songs inspired by womxn

19:30 - Villa Rivercat (SE) indie psych rock from the woodlands

20:00 - Busy Signals

20:45 - Mirror Fears (US) dark ambient industrial pop

21:15 - church fire (US) darkwave electro-punk

21:45 - DJ SL8R

22:30 - Chicharra (US) soaring and dynamic heavy rock inspired by things that grow in the desert -- 3x bass players/vocalists + 2 drummers!

23:45 - Tsomak and Bavakan (ARM) independent musician

00:15 - Milch de la Máquina (US) performance art troupe: interrogating cultural norms with hand-built electronics, instruments, puppetry and more


16 June - 15:00-late at Fylkingen

15:30 - Rachael Pollard (US) enchanting folk

16:00 - Hosie (US) psychedelic folk dissonance made with violin/voice

16:30 - BOi BOi Club - feat. Dgeral and Sparkle Pony

17:15 - Ermine (US) solo vocals, loops and ghost-guided collaborations

17:45 - Lady Uranium (US) transcendent performance art/epic songscapes

18:15 - BOi BOi Club - feat. Dgeral and Sparkle Pony

19:00 - Anna Mall (US) dissonant dream noise

19:30 - LAGOM (SE) American-Swedish post-punk apocalyptic simplicity

20:00 - BOi BOi Club feat. Dgeral and Sparkle Pony

20:45 - Cthulha (US) solo multi-instrumentalist explorations of body and spirit with voice and movement

21:15 - AYESHA (SE) hip-hop and dancehall that moves out of the box into experimental electronic music.

21:45 - BOi BOi Club feat. Dgeral and Sparkle Pony

22:30 - R A R E B Y R D $ (US) interdimensional funk soul queens

23:00 - Bigawatt(US) bombastic bass, handmade electronics, and voice

23:30 - BOi BOi Club feat. Dgeral and Sparkle Pony

00:15 - Weedrat (US) angry pop/surf punk

Fylkingen production

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