kl9 - kl24 Saturday 28th
kl9-kl23 Sunday 29th

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Art & the Esoteric in theory and practice
Academic symposium and artistic event

A two-day conference comprising lectures, workshops, sound/music performance, film and other artworks.

The main aims of the conference are to both highlight and introduce a contemporary discourse around the disciplines of esoteric/magic related art throughout history and to bring into the frame contemporary artistic practice which either encompasses the esoteric or uses art as a vehicle within magical practice.

Confirmed talks by scholars so far:

Dr. Victoria Ferentinou (University of Ioannina, Greece) on women surrealists and magic
Dr. Tessel Bauduin (University of Amsterdam) on Hilma af Klint as mediumistic artist – and woman
Dr. Christian Giudice (London, UK/University of Gothenburg) on Kenneth Anger and film as magical ritual
Dr. Henrik Johnsson (University of Tromsø, Norway) on August Strindberg's occult art practice
Dr. Manon Hedenborg-White (Södertörn University, Stockholm) on Marjorie Cameron’s occult art
Dr. Per Faxneld (Södertörn University, Stockholm) on Scandinavian fin-de-siècle art and occultism
Dr. Simon Sorgenfrei (Södertörn University, Stockholm) on Sufism and Western esotericism in the life and work of Ivan Aguéli.
Dr. Kasper Opstrup (University of Copenhagen) on the occult imaginary in times of crisis.
Dr. Per Johansson - The Cloud of Unknowing, conversation with artist Madeleine Hatz on the medieval esoteric text.

Confirmed artists and performers

Carl Abrahamsson http://www.carlabrahamsson.com/
Madeleine Aleman 'Giving Voice to the Hall' http://www.aleman.se/
Christine Ödlund http://www.christineodlund.se/
Den Arkaiska Rösten https://soundcloud.com/den-arkaiska-rosten
Ectoplasm Girls (Tanya & Nadine Byrne) https://soundcloud.com/ectoplasmgirls
Kristian Olsson http://www.alfarmania.se/kristianolsson/
Leif Elggren http://leifelggren.org/
Marja Leena Sillanpää http://www.marjaleenasillanpaa.se/
MadEleine Hatz: The cloud of Unknowing with Per Johansson http://www.madeleinehatz.com/
Dr. Vanessa Sinclair http://www.drvanessasinclair.net/
Roberto.N.Peyre http://robertonpeyre.com/
Antti Litmanen - HYPOGEUM
DJ Rozenhall

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