Ann Rosén
Sound artist, composer and performer
People, meetings, processes, collaborations, spatiality and sound are all important factors in Ann Roséns art. In her more recent works such as Zonula Occludens, En Passant, Sound Inserts and Noise Tank she continues to explore different aspects of sound, spatiality and the social context in which it is encountered.
As a composer Ann works mainly with EAM (Electro-Acoustic Music) utilizing different surround techniques such as in Surr, IC - first movement, Stress etc. When performing Ann uses a variety of sensor based controllers that she develops and builds herself. In her solo work Ann prefers to work with compositions but together with others she often but not always takes on the role as an improviser.

Zonula Occludens, Consert at Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Outdoor permanent Sound installation VATT, Sätra centrum, Stockholm

Consert at Fylkingen with Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström, Lisa Ullén and Lars Bröndum