Next to nothing - workshop + performance

3 Jun 2017 - 14:00 - 20:30

Next to nothing
Body and sound workshop by Yolanda Alonso & Hara Alonso

Fylkingen - Torkel knutssonsgatan 2
The 3rd of June 2017


Entré: 200/100 SEK


WORKSHOP 14.00-18.30 Including a pause

Meditation and sound massage.
Working blindfold.
Telling a story and moving.
Dialog with movement.
Dialog between piano and body.
Dialog between pictures and body.
Space for solo and performance .

PERFORMANCE 19.00 around 45 min

For application for the workshop email :,


Hara Alonso is  pianist and composer. Coming from classical background she is currently working in the integration of new technologies in music though composition, performance, improvisation and multimedia. She has given concerts as soloist and as member of different ensembles around Europe: Finland, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Russia.

She gets her Bachelor degree in Classic Piano Interpretation in the Conservatory of Castilla y León. During 2007 and 2010 to be the official pianist of the Youth Orchestra of Castilla y León, touring in many cities of Spain and Europe.

In 2012 she moves to Helsinki to study in the Sibelius Academy where she developed interest in Contemporary music, improvisation and composition. She continued her studies in Tallinn inside the Master in Contemporary Improvisation.

During 2014 and 2016 she has been part of the European Master program CoPeCo, Contemporary Performance and Composition, for 8 interpreters and composers from all around the word. This program was itinerant, studying one semester in different city: Tallinn, Stockholm, Lyon and Hamburg.


Yolanda Alonso Bothén is a performer and visual artist from Barcelona (Spain) with residence in Stockholm (Sweden) from 2000.

"I am interested in the beginning of a dance or a painting. I am interested in performance using the body, the sound and creating landscapes with projections. Trainning skills for looking and listening. My last works that are inspired by silence and meditation. When I work on a piece I like to start from photography and painting. It is a way of approaching the theme. Nowdays I use Calligraphy and Ink and inspiration from Japanish painting."

She teaches contemporary and visual art at High school at Stockholm .  She is also artistic director at På Egna Ben dance group with mentally disable people.  She practices and teaches Contact Improvisation since 1986 and learned from teachers like Nancy Stark Smith, Alito Alessi and Karen Nilsson, Kirstie Simson and Julyen Hamilton,  among others.

Collaborating with international artists like Noriko Kato, Christer Bothén, Inma Haro, Lea Nygren, Alba Tor and Miquel Jorda. Under the name Alazart she has created several projects. Performance and workshop at Nippon Sport Science University. September 2016. Dancer Noriko Kato. Projections of ink painting Yolanda Alonso Bothén. Performance and Installation Savor of Nightfall at Space Denega Hirosaki 23 september 2016 with Noriko Kato, dance and Christer Bothén, Base Clarinett.

2015 LABORATORIO DEL SILENCIO Barcelona TragantDansa a new collaboration with Noriko Kato, Christer Bothen, Alba Tor and Miquel Jorda. A research of silence as a starting point for performance .

“Kvinnor på en brygga” a Site Related Performance. It was performed at the "Brygga" located at Strandvägen 8 , as a part of the Stockholmfringe Festival Stoff 2012. Glenda Giacco Sara Nylund, Myriam Peyrard-Janvid, Linda Priha och Hilde Rustad. Kulturrådet and Kultur kontakt Nord

2011 Las Hojas Rojas (presented at Fylkingen , Kulturnatt and Stoff festival Stockholm ) she worked with Christer Bothén (base clarinet) and Kristine Scholz (piano).The piece was created from the concept of landscape with projection of images from the Swedish and Spanish landscape and it´s a collaboration with dancers Noriko Kato (Japan) Inma Haro (Spain) and Lena Nygren (Sweden ).

Medlemsproduktion: Yolanda Bothén