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Av och med Mattias Sköld, Åsa Lipka Falck, George Kentros, Susanne Skog, Timo Menke och R a k e t a & friends.

Jungfru Catharina
av Susanne Skog. Uruppförande. Band + violin (Kentros)

Far North # 2.
en film av Lipka Falck. Musik av Mattias Sköld.
Liveelektronik & violin (Sköld & Kentros.)

#Raketa Tour Russia (december 2016)

Film, ljud, ljus under arbete, av och med R a k e t a & friends

av Susanne Skog

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Installationer i bar och foajé:

Siberian Trance av Timo Menke 
samt nya utkast av r a k e t a

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Dörren öppnar 19.00, programmet börjar 19.30

Entré: 80 kr (medlemmar i Fylkingen och stud. 60 kr)

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Photo: SKOG

Jungfru Catharina by Susanne Skog

tape (5 ch) + violin. Duration: 15 min. (2016) Premiere.
Off the island Högskär in Sörmland archipelago lies the wreck of the Dutch fluteship Virgin (Jungfru) Catharina. She fell in October 1748 after a two-week long unmanned journey across the Baltic Sea from Salvorev, a sandbar north of Fårö.
This 40 m long merchant ship had been sailing for more than twenty years from Amsterdam to Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg. Finally she got stuck on this reef after being caught by one of the infamous autumn storms on the Baltic Sea. The crew managed to leave the ship. Then came another storm.
This piece connects to this last voyage, and the morse signals from the radio beacons that once could be heard along this line.
On stage: George Kentros, violin.



Far North #2.

a film by Å Lipka Falck with music by Mattias Sköld. Duration: 10.30 min. 
photo: Mårten Nilsson, Å Lipka Falck, Sixten Falck, J Lipka / editing: Å & M Lipka Falck.

a movement from the north to the south and back again

a gropeing memory – the wellknown in the unknown

and the foreign at home


Specifically for this evening, Sköld has rewritten the piece for solo violin (the original solo part is intended for saxophones). This is the premiere for this version.
On stage: Live electronics: Mattias Sköld, violin: George Kentros




# Raketa Tour Russia (nov – dec 2016)

A work in process by the multiple sender R a k e t a, with sound- film- and light traces from an ongoing artistic investigation following a line Moskva – Kenozerskij NP – Arkhangelsk/Arkhangelsk Oblast, and further in time and space.
R a k e t a & friends in this work: Masha Biryukova, Jens Comén, Cecilia Enberg, Åsa Lipka Falck, Oleg Samoilov, Susanne Skog. With support by Konstnärsnämnden.


Photo: SKOG

Siberia by Susanne Skog

sonic artwork. Duration: 25 min. (2015)

Based on recordings from a 205 hours / 9288 kilometers long trip by train from Moscow to Vladivostok in september 2015.


Siberian Trance by Timo Menke

HD-video in monitor, 2015. Dur: 11:47 min (no sound, no language)

Siberian Trance takes as its literal point of departure a cinematic walk from the front to the very end of the train. This walk, featuring co-resident Susanne Skog as a main guiding character and the viewer’s perspective, has been shot in one take, smoothly edited to maintain a constant speed. The walk ends with a rear window view on the rails left behind during the trip. 
The work is presented embedded in Susanne Skog’s and Nadya Gorokhova’s sound installation, inviting the audience to connect image with sound, in effect providing a closed circuit of works that reflects on the residency working conditions.

Photo: MENKE
Medlemsproduktion: Susanne Skog