Norgbergfestival:Modul *Anrikningsverket Extravaganza*


*Anrikningsverket Extravaganza*

Directly from the Mimerlaven mine in Norberg, we present Anrikningsverket, the association behind Norbergfestival:

⌇ Line-up in alphabetical order:
⌇⌇ Alexander Swahn
⌇⌇ Alva Göransson
⌇⌇ Förbándet Krunic Schmidt
⌇⌇ Haj 300
⌇⌇ Human Rays
⌇⌇ Johan Östman
⌇⌇ Problemil
⌇⌇ prr
⌇⌇ Sissel Wincent


Free Entrance


Anrikningsverket is a non-profit association based in Stockholm, operating in Norberg and Stockholm, Sweden. The organisation was founded around the annual project of Norbergfestival and extended into a year-round event
production and interdisciplinary network.

The association consists of composers, multi-disciplinary artists, architects, curators, cultural producers, engineers and more. During this night we present performances from members of the association, in divergent genres and styles displaying the wide range of programme content at Norbergfestival.


Samproduktion med Anrikningsverket