NADJA // ISAK EDBERG // KARABASAN DRANE + triple XKatedral tape release

12 Mar 2016 - 20:00 - 13 Mar 2016 - 01:00


+ triple XKatedral tape release



After more than a decade of sonic obliteration, Canadian duo Nadja (Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff) has undoubtedly become one of the most influential drone-doom bands around, and rightly so. Engrossed in swathes of static noise and epic riffs pinned with fierce drudging weight, Nadja yields an uncompromising mix of doom, ambient, drone and black metal with a handsome cast of shoegaze elegance and absurd beauty.



Isak Edberg’s music is both the mark of time and the place where time ceases to tick. Having composed a broad palate of works for electronics, organ, chamber music ensembles and symphonic orchestra; the music is ever constant in its ode to spectral monolith, ceremonial euphoria and the permutation of time. Isak's piece Lamé for Düben Baroque organ is featured on XKatedral's most recent compilation tape, "XKatedral Volume II".



Taking off in the realm of dreams, Karabasan Drane navigates roaring soundscapes of veiled melodies in molasses drenched beats. Fueled by their fascination for 70’s horror soundtracks and pitched down records, they craft a resemblance of folk music from forgotten places - a hypnotic backwards slowdance in the stranglehold of the mare. The Swedish duo is comprised of Jin Mustafa and Robin Smeds Mattila, both active in techno circuits as well as in experimental electronic music. Jin mainly as a DJ and Robin under his Human Rays moniker.


Triple XKatedral Cassette Release (60kr ea)

• Insect Ark - Long Arms & Maria W Horn - Magenta (C30 split)
• Kali Malone - Tragic Chorus (C20 split release with Bleak Environment)
•XKatedral Volume II (C60 compilation of minimal works by Ellen Arkbro, Isak Edberg, Marta Forsberg, Kali Malone and Krisitoffer Svensson)


Entrance: 80kr

(card only for entrance/bar, cash/swish for merch)