Maria da Rocha / Kaj Duncan David / David Granström

31 Jan 2016 - 19:00 - 21:30

Welcome to an evening of electronic music in three parts.

Foto: Pr-photographer

Maria da Rocha

Maria da Rocha's music has emerged from an intimate connection to the violin and from the fascination how analog synthetised noises resemble those from everyday life: nature, machines and other sounding objects, partly with a life of their own. Maria da Rocha (PT/DE) plays violin and viola, researches, teaches and is a composer mostly in the field of new/experimental & electroacoustic music. She played with various new music ensembles in festivals such as Münchener Biennalle, Nymus Festival, Warsaw Autumn, März Musik and Darmastädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik. Maria gives value to improvisation and compostion as a collaborative process. The album Pink (M2 Duo with Maria Horn, viola&live electronics) was released in 2015 by Creative Sources. Her solo work can be presented in the shape of a concert (violin&electronics) or concert-installation (using the space with visuals/movement/installation).

Waves/PH - for violin and electronics

Waves: from me to you and Peixe Horizonte, both for solo violin&electronics were recorded in an awarded composer residency at EMS, Stockholm. Inspired on graphic scores and specific conceptual work, delicate violin timbre communicates with noisy drone machines.


Foto: Anders Bigum

Kaj Duncan David

Kaj Duncan David a British/Danish composer and performer making work with computers, electronics, instruments, lights and video, as well as music-theatre situations and installations.
He collaborates frequently, for example with Danish multi-disciplinary artist Troels Primdahl, London composer collective Bastard Assignments, Swedish sound-artist Kajsa Magnarsson and a plethora of wonderful people associated with the Berlin-via-London Slip Imprint.

Lo-fi music for amplified Arduino relay-box, monosynth, three light-bulbs and shadows.


Foto: Heiko Purnhagen

David Granström

David Granström composes electronic music with focus on reduction, sonority and aural space. He works mostly with synthesized source materials moulded into shape by algorithmic processes, exploring slow transformations over time.


100 / 80 SEK
No cash, card only.


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Medlemsproduktion: David Granström

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