8 Jan 2016 - 20:00 - 9 Jan 2016 - 01:00

An evening of electronic music in celebration of the upcoming Posh Isolation releases by Mats
Erlandsson - the cassette tape Selective Miracles will be available at the show.

Croatian Amor

There is a scene in the movie The Fifth Element where an alien bodied female singer presents a key she has carried inside her stomach. I watched it on my computer, on the plane and thought about how it would be to be in a body like that.
I say that Lilja 4-ever is one of my favourite movies, I never watch it though, I can’t. Perhaps if Lilya had a body like the blue singer it would have been different and i would watch it more often. Perhaps then there would not be the same need for having Rammstein on the soundtrack.
There is a surgical suite at The Wild Palms where I believe a procedure like that is possible, it is costly however.


Mats Erlandsson

Premier performance of the music from Selective Miracles and Valentina Tereshkova.


Photo: Sisi Graham

TMRW spends days in an old Volvo, driving in circles on desolate highways. Recording sessions on empty parking lots and Polysix synthesizers layered on neon cassette tapes.


DJ Sara Fors


Entré: 100 SEK /80 SEK

Card only for entrance and bar but bring cash for tapes.


Medlemsproduktion: Mats Erlandsson