Parts Are Extra + The Great Learning Orchestra

Parts Are Extra & The Great Learning Orchestra

Filmmaker/visual artist Peter Norrman and Composer/sound artist Christina Campanella present the first movement of Parts Are Extra, an art platform initiated by the artists with which to investigate a cinematic vocabulary via short form, experimental art films. The series of works manifests as single channel film with stereo sound, multi-channel installation, and as a live cine-concert performance. Blending electronic art songs and sonic collage with an expanded filmic approach, the duo creates a starkly fantastical universe of dystopian landscapes and eerie, dreamlike worlds. Fractured narratives of uncharted journeys, spaces of transition, and the fragility of the natural world are subtly revealed. Parts Are Extra will be shown as a 28-minute video installation.

The second part of the evening will feature the live performance of a new work by Christina Campanella, created for The Great Learning Orchestra. Campanella's composition is a meditation on the texture of sound. Using their own breath-cycles as a metric and one of Norrman's video objects as a clock, the orchestra will explore intimate timbral shifts and 'non-played' sounds in a physically distributed space.

GLO will also be performing a piece by Pauline Oliveros as the third part of the evening.



Christina Campanella (US)
Peter Norrman
The Great Learning Orchestra


Entré: 80/60 Kr (pensionär, student & medlem)


Medlemsproduktion: Peter Norman