May 28th Mother at Fylkingen No.26

Photo: Arvid Leppäkoski


Scandinavian duo Invader Ace consists of Anton Toorell on (SE) on guitar and vocals and Peder Simonsen (NO) on tuba and drum machines. Instead of using computers or synths to produce dance music, the band built a custom rig of cheap diy-electronics and a wall of old radios used as amplifiers. INVADER ACE are like audio recyclers, creating new contexts for their instruments to function in. They challenge the perceptions of what electronic music should be. Their music has been described like a mix of MR. OIZO and NISENNENMONDAI, as a noisier version of BATTLES and DAFT PUNK ‘s teenage demos.

They've been working with light artist Magnus Lundin on a project that aims to expand the visual part of their live performance by building a permanent lighting rig into their wall of radios. The plan is create an unique sound and light experience by rebuilding the radios, adding bulbs and connecting them to their Akai MPC (drum machine / sampler).
This unique project will premiere in Stockholm and Oslo, and then live on as a permanent part of the group's rigging. Fylkingen is the perfect venue for this awesomeness

Also available to buy this night will be their DDIY EP that was recorded with acclaimed producer Daniel James Schlett in New York and was released April 25 on Loyal Label.


Tvde are Julian Murray (Munnen, Målgrupp) & Lotti Sollevi (IMI, 29:90)

Tonight is the release party for their 10" co-released by Oma333 and HOCKEY RAWK
They are one of our favourite duos and have conjured up a masterpiece of Dadaist pop shapes. We love them dearly! Peter Larsson will also be projecting visuals live.

Peter Larsson designed the awesome cover art and maestro Lars Nilsson took care of the inlay. Recorded by Linus Hillborg at Tropsika and mastered by Jonathan Dakers in his bedroom.
Copies are available to buy tonight at the Fylkingen merch stand and are just 100kr each --


Marko Timlin will perform his latest work partikeleiden pyry for solo Sound-Disk-Machine. The Sound-Disk-Machine is a photo-electronic musical instrument made by Marko Timlin. It transforms light into sound and is based on Evgeny Sholpo’s “Variophone”. partikeleiden pyry resembles the life cycle of living organisms: they come to life, grow steadily, reach their peak and finally decay leaving fading traces of their existence behind them.


Philip White will perform a refraction of his ongoing work Documents for solo electronics. Documents is a piece about intuition and the recursive influences inherent in memory. For this specific iteration he will address Debussey (in broad strokes) and Miles Davis's/Bill Evans Flamenco Sketches through the filter of post Tudor feedback systems.


Entré: 120 kr




Arrangemang: Mother/Fylkingen