Moa Franzén
Tove Salmgren
Manon Santkin

We Happen Things is a shared event gathering the works of Moa Franzén, Tove Salmgren and Manon Santkin.
We Happen Things is about the interplay of materials and thin air. How we give meaning to things and how things give meaning to us in return.
Following the first edition, We Happen Things #2 invites itself at Fylkingen with some new proposals: three live performances and the release of three books.
During the event we will explore, disrupt, perform and address the materiality of the non-material, we will figure out what we do with language and what language does to us, we will map and make an inventory, a glossary, a lexicon of narratives - hegemonic and counter ones, putting the relationships between object and concept, silence and speech, physicality and imagination at play as we happen the things.
The individual proposals of Tove Salmgren, Moa Franzén and Manon Santkin echo one another. You are invited to attend the whole rather than its parts.
We Happen Things #2 will take place on Thursday 21st May 2015. Doors will open at 18h30, performance will start at 19.00
& Book release of the Glossary of the Atlas of Interpretation by Manon Santkin and lexicon by Moa Franzén.


Manon Santkin (1982) is a belgian artist living in Brussels and Stockholm.
Within the field of the Performing Arts, she operates as an dancer, choreographer, dramaturge, artistic advisor and writer.
After graduating from P.a.r.t.s. in 2004, she has been working as a dancer and performer in close collaboration with choreographers Mette Ingvartsen, Salva Sanchis and Sidney Leoni and took part in the work of Xavier Leroy, Eleanor Bauer, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche amongst other.
In the last years, Manon saw her role as an interpreter morph into that of a facilitator of collaborative processes. She now regularly takes part in the processes of other artists as a mentor, advisor or dramaturge.
In continuity with her performance pratique, Manon develops projects in varying formats and medias (performance, installation, written and audio publication, workshop). For instance, she initiated The Library of Schrödinger (2012- ongoing), a hybrid project mixing performance and publishing, in collaboration with designers Nicolas Couturier and Angeline Ostinelli; By-product (2006-2011), a collaboration with stylist Jennifer Defays and choreographer Leslie Mannès on the performativity of the garment; Performance Kit (2012), a research in collaboration with Leslie Mannès on instant interpretations of choreographic instructions. Occasionally, she publishes texts, maps and audio documents derived from the creation processes and collaborations she takes part in (A Dancer is Moving With…/a map for conversation; The Endless Manifesto; Rescript; The Great Code of The Knights of Non-Order).
Manon is currently finishing a Master in News Performative Practices at the University of the Arts in Stockholm, where she decided to revisit the notion of ‘interpretation’ in terms of an ecology of practices and intelligences, self-organization and narrative agencies.

Tove Salmgren works in a landscape of performance, dance and choreography, as an initiator and collaborator in different artistic contexts and formats. Her interest lays in performance as an event for meeting, were preconditions of that meeting, as well as the meeting itself, is set up to be experienced collectively. The materiality of her practice often concern formal and informal use of language, with a strong relation to a feministic discourse concerning power structures and relations as well as questions of domination within the tradition of dance.
She is currently finishing her Master in New Performative Practices at DOCH in Stockholm.

Moa Franzén (1985) is an artist based in Stockholm. Her practice encircles writing and performance and places itself in and between visual arts, choreography and literature. Her work evolves around and explores invisible and under-valued forms and acts as sites and expressions of agency and resistance by putting light on hegemonic narratives, expressions and acts. Quite often her work addresses the politics of the performance itself.
Franzén is also working in collaborative projects where the work of establishing temporal spaces for sharing, discussing and showing work in contexts defined by the co-creators and participants are central.
She is currently finishing her Master in New Performative Practices at DOCH in Stockholm.


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Medlemsarrangemang: Moa Franzén