26 Mar 2015 - 19:00


DJ: Martin Herterich

Munnen’s sound could be described as distorted, dissonant rhythmic punk, with dented beats and lyrics in Swedish. They work in an environment where cassettes, internet, self-made videos, fanzines and blogs melt together into a subculture within the margins.
Munnen is a rare example of a band capable of wearing their fine influences in such style without seeming as if they are ripping them off. Pere Ubu, Fire Engines, The Pop Group and Bob Hund have all been mentioned at Munnen gigs but none seem to pin down the overall sound they make, which changes wildly from song to song.
In December 2014 they released their second album “Smaka nya staden”

“If you mix the Love is All song ‘Talk Talk Talk Talk’ with Mathias Alkberg, The Rapture’s ‘House of jealous Lovers’ and a performance artist from an art school, and mess it up even more, you’ll get Munnen.” – Sara Berg, Nöjesguiden. 4/5.
"They are like all my favorite early eighties no wave new york bands, yet they also sound like none of them. Very impressive." - Alex Zhang Hungtai, Dirty Beaches.

Munnen – Smaka nya staden (official video):

LIVE in Copenhagen:

Family Underground
Family Underground is a duo from Copenhagen, Denmark. Started out in 2001. Since then FU has released 13 plus full length vinyl albums and more than a handfull of cd-r's tapes and lathe-cut. All this with the curiousity and invention only true experimentalists exhibit. They've drifted through recordings that goes from harsh Industrial sounds('Un Tratto Di Malinconia' - 2009) to psychedelic drones ('Familiar Places' - 2005). The bands latest vinyl LP 'The Dark Light Years' sees FU going into uncharted song mode. This is what they have been touring with the last year and a half. Their newest release on US label Bada Bing Records 'No Host, No guest' is a 90 minute long mixture of the abstract soundscaping that you know FU for but mixed with a couple of weirdly entrancing songs. The sound you would expect from a hardened Snake Charmer in a back alley of some big city. Tripped out soul music from two alien minds.

They've released stuff on Weird Forest, Heavy Tapes, Sound@One, Qbico (R.I.P), Woodsist, Not Not Fun and Sloow Tapes, amongst others

"Using synth, drums, piano, guitar, viola and percussion the group generate these alternately explosive and implosive doom-laden songs that take Smog circa “Drunk On The Stars” and re-think it with the kind of tortuously personal logic that would combine the demolished instrumental hierarchies of Mark Tucker or Nicodemus or Terry or Neil Hagerty while making with the kind of desperate man vocalism that are uniquely potent. The electric guitar is stellar, cranking and as mis-shapen as mid-period Jandek and the viola and general brain-razzing quality of the compositions gives the whole album a heady avant-classical feel .... A sense of drama and claustrophobia and genuinely inventive song-writing here that instantly elevates them well above the shoulders of their peers, this is a revelatory release and a necessary purchase for anyone who prefers to lurk on the more formally damaged end of weirdo modern rock. Comes with an insert. You need to hear this. Very highly recommended. "
- Volcanic Tongue

Full live set:

"DYLIKT är en orkester som är smärre omöjlig att definiera rent genremässigt, då hela orkesterns idé går ut på att problematisera konventionerna kring att ett konstnärligt uttryck måste anpassa sig efter och underkastas en modell som liknar hur vi förstår en ”individ” – en klart avgränsad enhet utan inre motsägelser och paradoxer med en enhetlig vilja och konsekvent personlighet. Dylikt är då alltså ett musikaliskt projekt som vill försöka fukka upp den här invaggade tryggheten. Musiken vandrar från symfoni och lo-fi till frijazz och ballad, med inslag av fusionpop, agiterande punk och minimalism i ett ständigt omdefinierande kollage. Det finns kopplingar till neurotiker som David Bowie, The Slits och Sun Ra, och som lyssnare är du aldrig helt säker på om du är på väg mot en rofylld oas eller ett larmande kaos."

MXLX is a many headed noise-hydra - this time bringin' Kosmik Chaos//Megadrone//Noise-Biss for a JOYOUS FUTURE.
MXLX is a solo project from Matt Loveridge who plays in Beak> and performs as Fairhorns and Knife Library.

Phantom Chips
Phantom Chips performs with an array of homemade electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers. Concocting rhythms from manipulated found and recorded sounds Phantom Chips invites the audience to don her costumes and join in with the audio. The costumes create sound through movement and allow audience members to experiment with a brand-new form of musical expression.




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