Mother at Fylkingen No.21

5 Mar 2015 - 19:00

DJ Julesy Bejbi (Munnen, TvDE, Målgrupp)

Fuzz guitars, homemade synths, monolithic drums and bamboo flutes beam in from a parallel universe where the ancient past collides with the far-out future. Leaving his home country for the first time, legendary New Zealand instrumentalist Kraus collapses space and time with a combination of psychedelic noise rock, freakish analogue electronics, and a wide range of exotic weirdness from Renaissance lute ballads to wiry Far-Eastern strings.
Marijn Verbiesen, organiser of the MIMA concert series in Rotterdam, will play drums together with Kraus this evening
Kraus - "Eat, It Is Good":
Kraus - "Supreme Commander":

hypno-kosmische duo

"Vibrations from distant galaxies, transformed into earthly sounds by Skeppet. Phase 3 is the debut full length from the Swedes. Full of cosmic synthesisers, stratospheric harmonies and all sorts of lasers, guitars and other stuff. It's all very open and reassuring, one to certainly float you out of your january despair."
-Norman Records

"Skeppet’s music is meant for the wide-eyed wonder we encounter when staring off into the distance, soaking up our surroundings and getting lost. The title appropriately translates to “The New Coast,” and wherever that locale may be, it may necessitate a journey many of us are ready to take."
-Decorder Magazine
Official video for Den Nya Kusten:

Improvised psych noise-folk collective

AVARUS has been the ringleader of beer trance for close to 15 years now. Several chaotic international tours in continental Europe, UK and USA have crystallized their vision to become the shiny electro-acoustic beast of today. In the halcyon days of freak folk, the group could at times be the size of up to 15 people. However, the quintet that arrives to Sweden in March has been the core unit for several years now. Today, they effortlessly conjure up the playful boogie of Curiosum-era Cluster. Their discography includes round 20 releases and the Swedish mini-tour of March 2015 is the release party of a brand new live cassette "Vintti/Oranssi" on the hot Finnish label Ikuisuus.

"Aware or not, this near-anonymous septet follow a lineage that seems to ricochet from Philemon Arthur and the Dung to Terry Riley's time-lag to Godz to planet Earth's inner chakra. Avarus' vicissitude consists of liquid rhythms filling the cracks between surface clatter and scrawl, flowing along the brink of pre-articulated titanic constructions. In short, Avarus are a heavy trip."
- Dusted Magazine




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