Mother at Fylkingen No.20

28 Feb 2015 - 19:00

Neutral (SE)

There is no other Swedish band of recent years that has got me more excited than Neutral. This is, of course, if I exempt, the two bands I manage Munnen and Invader Ace, and the tapes I've released via Oma333. I couldn't be more looking forward to this gig.
Neutral are Sofie Herner and Dan Johansson and you may know their work under the names of or as a part of; Leda, Källarbarnen, Sewer Election or Ättestupa.
Their debut "Grå Våg Gamlestaden" (Grey Wave Old Town) was released via Gothenberg label Omlott (Doglife, Brötzmann/Uuskyla). I got straight on to Dan to get them both here to Stockholm for a gig and then heard they were already gonna play a Masskultur show at Solna last autumn. That gig ruled, despite their opinion of it, but I can't wait to see them let rip on Fylkingens soundsystem.
The first review of that record came out from Dutch blog Mr Bungle and they ended up voting it the best debut of 2014 and awarded it second place overall. I hope I've done the review justice in my translation here:
"Grå Våg Gamlestaden is the record equivalent of a beat squat: dirty, hostile and to be entered at your own risk. A sincere testimony of the dark side of a city and its inhabitants.... Do hurry if you want to get the debut album of the year at home."
-Mr Bungle

Varg & Vanity Prod (SE/DE)

Improvised electronics from Jonas Rönnberg (Varg, Ulwhednar) & Christian Stadsgaard (Vanity Productions, Damien Dubrovnik)

Vit Fana (SE)

Vit Fana obviously lives in the shadows.
"introvert och glåmig , Posh Isolation-/Utmarken-doftande gotindustri som skiljer ut sig i stockholms färgglada och klubborienterade musikvärld".




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