22 Feb 2015 - 19:30

Archer Spade: (USA)
Dan Blacksberg - (trombone)
Nick Millevoi - (electric guitar)

El sircus
Isak Hedtjärn - Clarinett
Marcus Pal - Guitar
Elsa Bergman- Bass

Niklas Barnö
- Trumpet
Alexander Zethson - Piano

An evening of meeting and collaboration between American and Swedish musicians!

Archer Spade
Equally capable as composers, improvisers, and interpreters, Blacksberg and Millevoi are redefining and expanding the traditional composer/performer relationship in contemporary chamber music. From their base in Philadelphia, the duo is developing a dynamic repertoire of new works commissioned from contemporary composers and pieces composed by Blacksberg and Millevoi themselves. Archer Spade is a new model for the creation and presentation of new music; a small, versatile, and efficient ensemble of multi-talented artist/interpreters designed to meet and reflect the current demands of innovative new music.

Archer Spade has premiered many works co-written by the duo, as well as pieces commissioned from composers Gene Coleman, Mick Barr, David Soldier, and Johnny Deblase. Augmented by saxophonist Drew Ceccato, the duo has performed the music of Roscoe Mitchell, including new arrangements of his pieces, “L-R-G” and “Nonaah.” Blacksberg and Millevoi are also dedicated improvisers, and often program fully improvised pieces alongside noted compositions in their concerts. A highlight of this practice is their ongoing collaboration with no-input mixing board master Toshimaru Nakamura.

Archer Spade is also deeply dedicated to the presentation and promotion of new and experimental music. Since early 2012, the duo has curated the Archer Spade Performance Series, a monthly series that presents local groups alongside globally known artists in venues across Philadelphia. The Archer Spade Performance series has presented artists such as Anthony Coleman, Mick Barr, Toshimaru Nakamura, Susan Alcorn, Ava Mendonza, Jeremiah Cymerman, Chris Forsyth, Nate Wooley, Willam Parker, Frank London, and many others.



Entré: 80/60 kr (student & medlem)


Samproduktion: Fylkingen/FRIM

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