KONSPIRATIONEN #25: A Beläten Solstice

19 Dec 2014 - 19:00 - 19:30

Michael Idehall

Michael Idehall has been a Beläten mainstay since the very foundation of Beläten. Over a series of tapes he has kept developing his seancetronica into amore and more feral experience. The music is sweaty, sexual, and sublime; pulsating and undulating, it forces the listener into a state of ecstatic trance. Idehall will turn any dance floor into a hallucinatory temple of mind and matter merged into one.

Michael Idehall (b. 1982) is a composer, sound artist, painter, and author living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden. The artistic output of Idehall always strives towards manifesting an opening to a world beyond the mundane. The creative process involves honing in on the nexuses between the flows of mind, matter and spirit. Nexuses which exist inside the human being, but also in the outer world, as conglomerations of energy and matter. In Michael’s creations, this convergence is revealed through the clash of ancient and modern, natural and artificial, and first and foremost the instilling of spirit into object.


Grand Mal x

You'd be forgiven for thinking of Coil when you listen to Grand Mal x. It's not the sound and style in itself—GMx offers a kind of motorik driven take on minimal electronics, coupled with influences from the darker tangents of electro. The similarities are on a far more esoteric level, investigating the same currents of the physical and the psychical aspects of life.

There is an ineffable undercurrent of magick and ritual to the music of GMx, even a slightly sinister presence in it. They conjure up images of demon-possessed youth writhing and contorting on a dirty bunker dance floor. It's sweaty, physical, and sexual music, but it never loses touch with the sublime qualities that turn simply »good music« into a truly revelatory experience. Grand Mal x are here to go. Deeper.


Den Arkaiska Rösten

The archaic voices of Per Åhlund and Girilal Baars emanate from an obscured sun resting deep within their collective mind. Through sacred chanting, floating melodies and guttural drones, the duo invites the listener into a hypnagogic dream world where contours blur, shapes and colors melt together, and the restraints of the physical world are dissolved.



Electro-alchemical drone mystic Æther has provided us with a brand new tape work, that will be playing in the bar.


DJ: Th. Tot
plus a specially commissioned electro-alchemical tape work from drone mystic Æther playing in the bar.


Bandstycke spelas 19.30, första akt på scen cirka 21.00.





Entrè: 100/80 kr (medlemmar och studerande), 18 År.


Medlemsproduktion: Per Åhlund



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