10 Dec 2014 - 19:00

Man Forever (US) Feat. Kid Millions
Jarse (FN)
John Chantler (AU)
Katt Hernandez (US)

DJ Jonas Jonsson (8tta 7uor)


Man Forever (Thrill Jockey, US)

Man Forever is an exploratory percussion project helmed by John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions), one of New York’s most versitile and critically lauded collaborators and a founding member of Oneida. Since its inception in 2010, Man Forever has hosted an impressive list of guest performers, but few have been as specially qualified to perform Colpitts’ technically challenging meditative workouts as So Percussion, the United States’ premiere contemporary percussion ensemble.

So Percussion has commissioned and premiered new compositions by Steve Reich and their interpretations of John Cage have revolutionized the legendary composer’s cannon.
Following a collaborative performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in June of 2013, So and Colpitts entered the studio together to record Ryonen, two pieces that combine the former’s precision and ingenuity with the latter’s restless punk spirit.

Colpitts continues to be one of the most in-demand drummers in New York. Throughout 2013 he toured as a member of Spiritualized, performed in duos with Greg Fox (Liturgy/Guardian Alien) and Jim Sauter (Borbedomagus), recorded a record with Akron/Family and performed with Boredoms, Marnie Stern and Yo La Tengo.

"[Kid Millions] plays with a momentum and velocity that few can match and...a huge amount of soul."
- The Quietus
“Through a mix of consummate skill and quirky charm, [So Percussion] has helped to ignite an explosive new enthusiasm for percussion music old and new.”
– The New York Times
Kid Millions Talks How (Not) to Deal with Getting a Bad Review;
RSD gig with Georgia Yo La Tengo, Brian Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Amy from Tigue

Jarse (Fonal, FI)

Formed in the early days of the current decade, Jarse are a power duo from Turku who swear by the name of psychedelic minimalism. Det går runt igen is the band’s meticulously honed debut album – one that has been nearly finished for years but, owing to a number of unlucky coincidences, hasn’t seen the light of day until now.

As a band, Jarse didn’t materialise out of thin air: the members have served time in other bands such as Shogun Kunitoki, Kiila, Pymathon, Kemialliset Ystävät, Taco Bells, Dimi’s Re-connected (who operate Erkki Kurenniemi’s erstwhile instruments) and Pöllöt. Their shows feature a self-built lighting system synchronized with sound and other measurable vibrations. Their awesome stereoscopic cover art for their album was made using the cross-eye technique.
Check it out here;
Live fan video:
Live at Koloni:

John Chantler (Room 40, AUS)

Originally from Australia and recently moved to Stockholm after a long run in London making music and working as a producer at the legendary Cafe Oto. Chantler released his third solo LP for Lawrence English’s ROOM40 label in 2014 – ‘Even Clean Hands Damage the Work’ recorded for the most part at the hallowed EMS studios in Stockholm, follows ‘The Luminous Ground’ – released in 2011 and included in The WIRE magazine’s top releases of that year.
That was his first LP release focusing on the modular synthesizer system he first explored as part of the trio LP with Lawrence English and Tujiko Noriko – 2009′s ‘U’. Live, he patches a versatile system capable of self-generated, shifting patterns of sliding arpeggios and visceral noise, pointillist interjections and infinitely variable texture. Initiated in 2011 with a private edition LP, Chantler’s ‘Automatic Music’ series resumed in 2014 with a second volume on cassette via The Tapeworm and volume three coming as a 40 minute digital download of ‘Automatic Music for Henry Flynt’.
Fact interview:

Katt Hernandez (Ehse, US)

Focused primarily on freely improvised music, Katt draws a firey array of electronic-like sounds and keening melodies from her unaltered, acoustic violin. She also works extensively with microtonality, drawn from a study of a mixture of sources, including traditional folk and sacred musics of the Middle East, Turkey, and Eastern Europe, variated odd-ball old Americana, work with modular synthesizers and the Maneri/Sims 72 pitch system. Playing with as wide and unexpected a variety of other performers as possible is tantamount to her sonic and spiritual pursuits.
Katt is a 13 year veteran of the new, improvised and experimental music scenes in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York, both as a performer and an organizer. She has performed and recorded with a vast array of musicians, dancers, visual artists, film makers and performance artists in venues ranging from underground urban art spaces to ivy league concert halls.

"Another Beantown expat is improvising violinist Katt Hernandez, whose debut solo LP Unlovely (no label) is seriously boss. A student of Joe Maneri, Katt plays in a style that flies through the valley separating new music and free jazz, like a hive of cunning bees. Great inventions."
- Bryon Coley and Thurston Moore, Arthur Magazine




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