12 Dec 2013 - 19:30

LOVE CULT (RUS, Public Information)
Live at 19.30

Love Cult is a duo from Karelia, Russia performing tiny handcrafted drones, sharp noises, wordless mantras, spacey guitar loops and broken folk songs. Relaxation/concentration music for wanderers, lovers and dropouts. Many things at the same time with no clear message, just a feeling of open space and loving arms. Also described by friends as "swirling blissful dripping psyche dream", "eternal soundscapes of ancient communication" and "solemn white magic". In addition to performing extensively in Russia, Finland and East Europe, Love Cult have played shows in such remote places as Turkey and Norway. Notable shows: opening for Kría Brekkan (IS) on her Russian tour, Creepy Teepee Festival in Czech Republic w/ Moon Duo, Rainbow Arabia and more, Russian/Baltic tour with Golden Cup (IT) and Woodpecker Wooliams (UK)... Anya and Ivan have played and recorded in various free/noise groups. They also run Full of Nothing label together since January 2010.

Live at 20.30

Artist duo Simon Torssell Lerin & Bettina Hvidevold Hystad have undertaken a cultural pilgrimage in the footsteps of Damo Suzuki. After placing a classified advert in Expressen Suzuki left Japan and ended up in the small Swedish village Gräsmark. Lerin & Hystad´s book documents through text, photographs, articles and letters written by Suzuki the Japanese musicians time in Gräsmark and how he kept in contact with his Swedish friends after becoming the singer in German rock band Can. During the summer of 2012 Lerin & Hystad travelled to Japan together with Suzuki to explore how improvisation and music could work as a platform for communication by documenting the Damo Suzuki´s Network Japan tour. The 11th of February the duo performed an improvised concert together with Damo Suzuki at Fylkingen in Stockholm. The album Simon Torssell Lerin & Bettina Hvidevold Hystad with Damo Suzuki will be released on Clouds Hill Ltd. in December and contains a book which documents the duo´s project together with Suzuki and a vinyl with the live recording from their concert together at Fylkingen.

Love Cult, Simon Torssell Lerin, Bettina Hvidevold Hystad and Damo Suzuki
Live at 21.30

"Damo Suzuki’s Network is an assembly of musicians. It’s a collective meeting place where like minded people go. The goal is simple, for musicians to communicate with each other and with the audience. There are no ego’s involved. Musicians send smoke signals to each other. They respond in kind. Damo selects musicians who have the potential to communicate freely and who are able to respond honestly to each other in the here and now. This also involves a respect for and dynamic communication with the audience. Both Damo and Can refer to this process as Instant Composing. Each concert is a unique event. There are never any rehearsals. Mistakes are moments of opportunity. For the musician, this process is in equal parts exciting and terrifying. I remember those joyous words that introduced the sixties cartoon series Stingray, ” Anything can happen in the next half hour.” For Damo, the half hour may well be two or four hours but the same principle holds true. Anything can happen."



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Entré: 100 kr, 18 År, 19.30 - 01.00
Arrangemang: Mother/Fylkingen

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