31 Jan 2013 - 19:30


Tropa Macaca are the ambient-noise duo of André Abel and Joana da Conceição
and have been going strong from their Portugal home base since 2005, while
lunging out into the world with releases via Qbico and Siltbreeze. The
newly released follow up to 2009′s Sensação Do Princípio on Siltbreeze,
“Ectoplasma” finds Tropa Macaca moving to Software Records (the sub-label
of Mexican Summer owned by Onehotrix Point Never’s Dan Lopatin) and has
been described by Dummy Magazine as “(...) a lesson in pure sound design as
potent as SND or Aaron Dilloway, yet filled with an unctuous listenability,
a primordial, glowing slime that’s as addictive yet stately as the best in
the genre (...)”


Helm is the solo project of Luke Younger, one half of the London/Berlin
noise duo Birds Of Delay, and label boss at Alterstock Records. He has just
released “Impossible Symmetry”, his third full length record, on the
brilliant Berlin based PAN label. It marks a new chapter in the artists'
canon as it's his first to be informed by live performance rather than
studio experimentation, incorporating more extensive use of electronic
elements and moments of rhythmic dark ambience recalling the outputs from
early Coil and Cabaret Voltaire.

Unreleased tracks -

Live at Boiler Room -
The Wire exclusive Helm mix -
Boomkat -



Sören Runolf has been a member of free improvising group Lokomotiv Konkret (with Tommy Björk, Dror Feiler) for decades as well as Too Much Too Soon Orchestra, Smullotron and Cloudchamber. He has played regularly alongside Mats Lindström, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Johannes Bergmark and many others, is a member of Fire! Orchestra and was amongst the many talents involved in the Bucky Dome this summer on Skeppsholmen.

He is generally known for his innovative use of conventional instruments, such as the cello and the electric guitar but also uses synth, sampler, contact mics, analog & digital sound processors. He has made music for intermedia projects and dance, and has also been involved in innumerable Swedish and international improvised music constellations and "experimental rock" groups.


Art curated by Jeffery Kriksciun and including photography by Marlena Lampinen.
Film curated by Ryan Tebo and including works by Wolfgang Lehman.
Kitchen "Seneca's Pumpkin" will be making meals and snacks to buy.


Konst kurerad av Jeffery Kriksciun med fotografier av Marlena Lampinen.
Film kurerad av Ryan Tebo med verk av Wolfgang Lehman.
Köket "Seneca's Pumpkin" lagar mat och snacks att köpa.


Entré: 80 kr, 18 År, 19.30 - 01.00

SAMMARR: Mother & Fylkingen

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