25 Apr 2012 - 19:30

A quartet which brings together acoustic, electronic and digital sources - throwing all boundaries between these things to the winds to create a vast palette of attenuated sound, spun into new language and structure.

All are deeply involved in the city's improvised, electronic and experimental music communities.

The great array of approaches within the groups' four points are sharply focused into a distinct music which is simultaneously understated and intense, densely layered in sound and in silence.

Daniel Karlsson: guitar and electronics, Ludvig Elblaus: electronics, Katt Hernandez: violin,
Erik Calälv: bass clarinet.
Erik Karlsson: percussion

Richard Pinnell writes: "Carlsson is one of the rare breed amongst modern improvising percussionists that is not afraid to make music by hitting things, perhaps playing percussion closer to how it was originally intended to be played than many of his contemporaries. His playing exudes a certain confidence. He is not afraid to strike objects, form patterns with his sounds, let tones hang in the air and slowly decay, and yet he also understands the colour and textures possible with his battery of sounds very well. His work on this album is sensual and richly detailed, but he has found these qualities through a combination of intuitive playing in the moment and a finely structured compositional integrity pulled together across the separate tracks" (The Wire/The Watchful Ear)

Entré: 80 kr / stud 60 kr


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