26 Feb 2011 - 18:00



Entré: 100 kr



Seven performances of radical, mindexpanding electronic music of different kinds. iDEAL Recordings have since 1998 released experimental stuff on vinyl, compact disc and cassette - mostly noise, drone, electro-acoustics and so forth but often with a punk attitude and kind of a in-your-face energy surrounding the whole thing.

iDEAL is also a festival organizer, is involved in curating sound art exhibitions, setting up concerts and whatever. Tonight at Fylkingen, iDEAL is presenting a bunch of their collaborators, and they all happen to be weak men...

The idea is simple. Each performance is maximum 30 minutes. Plenty of time to visit the Fylkingen bar in between sets!

Please note - ALL visitors get a free iDEAL CD release of their own choise!


18.00 Doors Open & iDEAL Fanfare
19.30 Leif Elggren & Joachim Nordwall
20.15 Johannes Heldén
21.00 Altar of Flies
21.45 Dungeon Acid
22.30 Sewer Election
23.15 Evil Moisture
00.00 Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words

Ringmaster: Optic Nest


As Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Gothenburg based composer and sound artist Thomas Ekelund has delved into a time-consuming investigation of the complex, multi-faceted world of solitude and introspective darkness. His pallet is strictly greyscale, but the tones he uses are deeper, more honest and more heartfelt than anything else out there.

Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a both vile and many-faced disease that inevitably drapes every aspect of life in shadows that range from shades of grey to coal black. It causes a polarity of mind, everything is either or, never in between. It makes you feel isolated and alone even in the most crowded rooms. Slowly this imagined isolation becomes a real isolation. You do not allow anyone inside the carefully constructed walls, built stone by stone by a mind so completely preoccupied with guilt and shame that you in fact become unhuman (sic). An empty shell containing oozing, black bile and nothing else. You become the disease. - Thomas Ekelund.

Ekelund has tried to cope with his disease through different music and art projects. Some parts of the struggle proved pointless and he is now ending the Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words leg of the struggle.

iDEAL is releasing the retrospective LP "Dreadcade" in time for this fest. And this is the last performance ever Thomas Ekelund is doing as Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words.


Conceptual sound- and visual artist Elggren and iDEAL boss Nordwall has collaborated for a few years now. They have a common interest in extreme sound and getting blamed for stuff. A ltd LP (100 copies!!!) is released tonight on iDEAL and Firework Edition Records.


Johannes Heldén just recently released his amazing album "Title Sequence" on iDEAL. Deep ambient drone with some amazing piano melodies hidden here and there. The album was mastered by the legendary Denis Blackham at Skye in Scotland. Denis worked with Talk Talk on their good minimal records and there is some kind of connection between Heldén's music and the pop minimalism of Talk Talk. This is one of his rare live appearances. Johannes Heldén is also a visual artist and have released six books of his poetry, and a common theme of his work is science fiction. Get down for business.


"Gloriously primitive goings-on from Sweden's Mattias Gustafsson, with plenty of grunty, unprocessed mixer feedback centrestage. Creeping in the wings lurk monstrous, bowed metal wraiths, the clank of rusting war machines and the rugged throb of engines." - Nick Richardson, The Wire June 2010.
"Det är som att se en byggnad vrida sig i plågor och sakta förvandlas till pulver. Musik som samtidigt pressas samman och utvidgas i oändliga formationer." - 4/5 av PM Jönsson, GP 2 Juni 2010.
Altar of Flies is Mattias Gustafsson who has recorded stuff since 2006, mainly for his own cassette label Hästen & Korset but also high quality sub terrestial labels like Cipher, Husk, and Nil by Mouth. ”Permanent Cavity” is his first more widely distributed album release.
Altar of Flies is extremely uncompromising, creating organic, dark, unpleasant extreme electronic music through tape loops, analog synths and effects.
So – discover the power of Altar of Flies. MATTIAS IS GREAT ON STAGE TOO!


Dungeon Acid is Jean-Louis Huhta (The Skull Defekts/Brommage Dub/Anticimex etc etc). The guy is one of the most gifted artists we know but he rarely releases his more dance based works. Dungeon Acid is all about being fucked up on the dance floor. Mindbending techno acid from a man that breathes rhythm.


"Tractor-beaming UFOs and croaking robot crickets get raygunned in the ass by Bordelle's Jojo-ish squawking, or axed to rubble by Bolus scything feedback. The A side builds to waves, sculptured curves of noise over creeping synths, the snaps to sharp staccati. The flip throws similar shapes, only more so: more volume, more feedback, more bloodyminded shrieking." - Nick Richardson, The Wire, June 2010.
Evil Moisture is Andy Bolus, operating from his base in a former mirror factory in north east Paris. "If You Want To Fuck The Sky, Teach Your Cock To Fly" is an old Russian prison saying and very suitable to the sound of this LP. It sounds like it was recorded in a prison somewhere in Siberia with super cold analog synths, cut-ups and loops working while a female voice (the one of Brigitte Bordelle - Paris performance artist) is working hard scaring the living hell out of us.
Bolus has toured a lot in Japan and Europe and was known to modify electronic toys but is nowadays more into changing synths and stuff into his own needs.
Evil Moisture is one of the hidden masters of today´s European noise scene. He has released tons of amazing releases on cassette, cd and vinyl on labels like Tochnit-Aleph and Stomach Ache and has worked with Hanatarash (eYe Yamatsuka of Boredoms) and others and is also active doing visual art and installations. He is active since 1991. BOLUS IS LEGEND!


When we first came across the noise of Sewer Election, it was a true revelation. The man is truly beyond any type of wall noise or whatever you call it, this is more sensitive and present. Live on stage he is close to performance art, rather than the scum noise scene he is somehow part of. Tape loops, feedback, analogue synths and pure organic roughness!!! iDEAL released the critically acclaimed "Kassettmusik" CD a few years ago and he is currently working on a new album for us. Uncomfortable music, man.


Optic Nest is the ringmaster for tonight. This stream of conciousness might play some tunes too. Enjoy!

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