BABOUSHKA - music within music within music within music....

ONS 18/3 KL 19.30

A trio playing the openminded impropop by Ola Hultgren. Some things are written some things aren't. Some things are harsh and some things aren't. Some things are sweet enough to melt your heart, some things aren't. The members of Winkler also performs with bands such as Loney, dear, The Moth, Emily Mc Williams Desert Soul.
Ola Hultgren - dr.
Andreas Hourdakis - git.
Erika Alexandersson - vox

“Simon Angell plays guitar as if he is de-activating a bomb”
Now 29 years old, Simon Angell has been performing on the professional music circuit for over 12 years, his main means of expression being the guitar, but not limited solely to the six stringed instrument. By 19 years old he had toured North America on three different occasions, was in the house band for Just For Laughs and fronted 7 shows at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. Since that time, Simon has recorded and toured the world over with many different artists of varying musical styles including Patrick Watson, Amon Tobin DJ Champion, Marie-Jo Therio and Ramachandra Borcar (Ramasutra), to name only a few. Simon has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the great composers and musicians of our time. That list includes Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Cale (of Velvet Underground fame), Marc Ribot and the Godfather of Soul himself Mr. James Brown. He has also worked on recording projects with Grammy award winning producer Tony Black (Alysha Keys) and Polaris Prize winner and Juno nominee Patrick Watson. Although hailing from Montreal, Simon now calls Stockholm his home.
Agnes Mercedes framför delar ur projektet Melodiska sagor, på det påhittade "Sprak-språket"; En blandning av bortglömda dielekter, japanska palindrom. Tillsammans med popup-ljud skapas nya dielekter och komprimisslösa mellanrads-meningar...