Jassem Hindi Artist In Residence på Fylkingen 18/2 - 8/3 i samarbete med Nordiska Konstförbundet.


Born in 81 in Saudi Arabia, currently lives in France. Usually works with sound. Lo-fi electro-acoustic material: diverted machines (walkmans, rotors, recorders), amplified objects (metal scraps, Plexiglas, Vinyl), contact microphones, magnetic tapes, field recordings, no input mixing board, radio frequencies.

Very much influenced by noise rock, field recordings, musique concrète, editing... people like Alvin Lucier, Joe Colley, Kevin Drumm, Andrea Neuman... but also others... maybe Rothko, today would be Charlene by Rauschenberg, Jean Cavaillès, ... well some other things, some other people that haunt me.

What attracts me is the plasticity of matter. Its fragility. How it can stretch, how it can be porous to other things. Sound as a matter can be contaminated by body gestures, images, sketches of choreography, videos, texts, persons.
This leads me to produce other things than concerts, recordings or soundtracks. Could be a video, a writing, a performance, a dance workshop...
It's just that the method, or the practice that i have with sound molds my way to encounter other activities and other performers.
This "method" or unlimited series of action grow within two sorts of tensions: tension between performing live and editing - and tension between raw matters and some kind of "musicality", or rather, some invisible, secret, fragile and necessary relations in between those blunt, inhuman objects; whether they are sounds, images, persons, texts or body movements. This activity can produce "music", "movies", "performances", "texts" that will cross me and be crossed by me and others.