Theodor Kentros Theodor Kentros

Theodor Kentros is a composer and musician based in Stockholm. Other than co-running Fylkingen Records he also runs the tape label Kalkatraz Cassettes and co-runs the label XKatedral.
Hara Alonso Hara Alonso

Hara Alonso is a Spanish pianist and composer based in Stockholm. Emerging from a classical contemporary background, in her current work coexist electronic and instrumental music along with interactive works.
Photo by Omar Alonso
Girilal Baars Girilal Baars

Girilal Baars is a composer and performer based in Uppsala, Sweden. He works in the fields of acoustic and electroacoustic music/sound art often with elements from traditional vocal folk music, also field he has worked in for many years.
Birt Berglund Birt Berglund

Birt Berglund is an artist and musician based in Stockholm, Sweden who mainly works with sound and has an extra interest in concepts of noise and silence.
Together with fellow artist Johan Sundell he is the queer noise project Serconversion. With London based artist Magnus Lenneskog he runs the cassette label Kronfonika.
He is also part of running the queer sound archive Arkivet för Rosa Brus.
Viktor Zeidner Viktor Zeidner

DJ, turntableist and composer. Loves cats and non-music vinyl records. Releases music under the name Slim Vic. Runs the label Lamour records and the sublabels Acid lamour and Tape Lamour. Spends the most time on trains between Stockholm and Gävle and organise the yearly PUSH-festival in Gävle.

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