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This formula is an application for co-productions / request for collaboration with Fylkingen.
Brief answers are ok.

* also name of participants
* Are you seeking funding?
* Have you received funding? From where? How much? For what?
Please note that Fylkingen may not offer everything you request. Please consider to be moderate with what you need from us. We may return with a counter proposal of what we can offer.
* To use the space
* For us to promote it on our channels
* Technician
* Bar
* Cleaning
* Guards
* To keep the full entrance
* Artist fee
* Equipment Use
* Arranging support
* Other

Approximately how many people do you expect to attend?


When you click SUBMIT your application will be sent. At the same time you agree that Fylkingen will save this information. The information is not disclosed to third parties and only the administration and the elected representatives of Fylkingen have access to it.