Svensk Musikvår på Fylkingen - Hara Alonso, Leo Correia de Verdier, David Granström, Paul Pignon, Luka Aron, Paul Purgas, WOL


Fylkingen presents 4 premieres and 3 live acts during Svensk Musikvår at Fylkingen.
Premieres by: Hara Alonso, Leo Correia de Verdier, David Granström and Paul Pignon.
Live performances by: Luka Aron, Paul Purgas and WOL.

‘Migrations’ __________________________________________________________________
Hara Alonso

more even more
don’t be afraid
and the photographs fading in the fermentation of silence
the unscreened porches
fever growing red in other skies
Gloria Gervitz

‘ Migrations ‘, for 8 loudspeakers and video, is an ethnographic collage of concerts and friendships happened
at Fylkingen- a space of diversity, experimentation, unrest and constant flyttning. As a souvenir from
Münchenbryggeriet, this piece collects snapshots of the youtube archive and amateur videos as a memory of
this black room with amazing views- transforming them into something else [ What? Where? We don’t know
jet ]

Artists (in order of appearance):
Dror Feiler
Tutuula Sisters (Katarina Eriksson, Lise-Lotte Norelius)
Casey Moir & Ryan Packard
Susana Santos Silva
Hubert Wińczyk
Sergio Castrillón
Olimpia Splendid
Ad Hoc Vårflod FRIM festival 2000
Andrea Neumann
Pan Daijing
Special thanks to Jenny Soep, Marie Gavois, Alexandra Nilsson, Hiroko Tsuchimoto and Josefin Lindebrink.

Hara Alonso is a Stockholm-based pianist, composer and sound artist from Spain. Her music invokes
contemplation and atemporality, practising listening and kinetic immersion as composition method. Her
creative practice questions the hegemonic narratives around music and technologies by resignifing its tools
and knowledge. By means of improvisation, somatics, physicality, DIY interfaces and coding, Hara composes
new sonic systems and languages.

Paul Pignon
Paul Pignon is active as composer of chamber, vocal electronic and improvised music, leading the group I nteraction. He's also composing for electronic and instrumental works, and real-time composer on single reeds, didgeridoo, recorders, WX5, voice,
laptop; currently with B OP, BONON, 2+ (with Liisa Pentti), Free Speech, The Great Learning
Orchestra, and other ensembles in Sweden and abroad.
In 1986 he moved to Sweden, after having lived in the UK and Serbia, where he was the co-founder of the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. Paul Pignon has been composing and developing computer music software at EMS, and is a long-time member of FST and Fylkingen.
Paul Pignon will present the piece "Live, Together". "Live, Together" by Paul Pignon (b. 1939 in the UK) was created with Synthi 100 at Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio. Pignon invited 10 colleagues from around the world to record short duets as material for the piece.

David Granström
David Granström is a composer and musician, originally from Umeå but based in Stockholm since 2009. His music is characterised by harmonic simplicity and spatial textural complexity and is usually composed of synthetic sound material.

Part of Granström's practice consists of exploring methods for working with algorithmic composition and real-time sound synthesis as well as precision-tuned harmonics, a work that is technically realized through tools developed in the SuperCollider programming environment. His compositional techniques revolve around creating systems that generate musical material and then integrate the results with electric guitar and other physical sound sources.
David Granström will present the work "A light radiates into tomorrow", generative music in meantone temperament for twelve loudspeakers.

Leo Correia de Verdier
Leo Correia de Verdier was born in Salvador, Brazil and is based in Blidö. She grew up in Sweden and Brazil and has studied music at the Royal Academy of Music. Musikhögskolan in Stockholm, Piteå Academy of Music, Gotlands Tonsättarskola and Janáčkova konzervatoř, Ostrava, Czech Republic. She writes music for most kinds of ensembles, from instruments such as solo oboe and prepared harp, sewing machine and electronics, to choir and orchestra.

Luka Aron
Luka Aron (born 1994) is a German musician and composer of electroacoustic and minimalist music
based between Berlin and Stockholm. The core of his practice is the spectral fusion of synthesised
sound and acoustic instruments, combining the raw energy of power electronics with the fragility of
the human touch. Aron’s work has been described by The Guardian as “thick, impasto layers of slow-
moving sound that completely command your attention.”

Paul Purgas
Paul Purgas is an artist and musician working with sound, performance and installation. Originally trained as an architect, his output explores cultural and sonic histories and their dialogues with the present, perceived through narratives of design, music and spiritual philosophy. He is one half of the electronic music project Emptyset working with electroacoustic and computer music, broadcasting and spatialised sound, and is the editor of the upcoming book of essays ‘Subcontinental Synthesis’ an investigation of India’s first electronic music studio, scheduled for release in September through Strange Attractor/MIT Press.

Wenche Tankred and Lovisa Johansson.
WOL is a continuous artistic process that has been going on since 2007. The process takes shape in the borderland between performance and sound art.

WOL has shown performance works in Sweden at Moderna muséet, Liljevalchs, Kulturhuset, Bildmuseet, Uppsala konstmuseum, Norberg festival and other places and internationally; Counterflows in Glasgow, Colour out of Space in Brighton, Trama festival in Portugal, CREATURE LIVE ART in Kaunas, PAO in Oslo and other contexts.

Illustration: Jenny Soep