"The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble" + gäst + CD release

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Konsert med "The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble" + gäst + CD release
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A Sunday afternoon concert with The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble + guest + CD release. Featuring new compositions by Bröndum, Ullén and Sjölin - as well as improvisations by the band.

The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble is this afternoon: Lisa Ullén: piano, Per Gärdin: saxophones, Daniel Borgegård Älgå: flute & bass clarinet, Lars Bröndum: live-electronics.
and special guest Anders Sjölin: live electronics

The CD "Aleatoric Anthems and Palindromes” is released this afternoon and we give a toast to its' birth! Selected tracks from the CD will be performed as well as other music. The CD features a selection seven remixed anthems taken from the original 6 volume project (with 140 ironic aleatoric anthems) originally released on https://larsbrondum.bandcamp.com/. The CD also includes previously unreleased music, such as, "Three Variations on an Aleatoric Anthem” - a trio for bass recorder, electronics and saxophone, and the suite "Palindromes for sax and electronics”. The CD will also be released on streaming platforms such was Spotify and Bandcamp.

Medlemsproduktion: Lars Bröndum