Ferreyra, Ménard, Smalley
FYLP 1012 - Ferreyra, Ménard, Smalley "Fylkingen Electronic Music Competition 1975"

In the spring of 1975, an international composers competition for electronic music was arranged in connection with the festival of new music and intermedia art organized by Fylkingen.

The main intention was not so much to award prizes to individual compositions as to create a picture of where electronic music stood, from an artistic point of view, at the time when it had existed for roughly 25 years. From among 250 compositions by 130 composers from 23 countries, the three prizewinners are presented on this record.

Denis Smalley "Gradual"
Beatriz Ferreyra "Siesta blanca"
Phillipe Menard "Reel-à-Phil"

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FYLP 1012
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