Jan Liljekvist
FYCD 1022 - Jan Liljekvist "Dr. Jayne Insane & The Gutbucket Philharmonicks"


...is the latest project by the composer Jan Liljekvist.
Born in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1962. Started out learning to play woodwind instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone) at an early age. Continued with percussion, guitar, violin and viola. Played in big bands, chamber and symphony orchestras, composed theatre and film music. Has been touring in Europe, singing and playing the guitar in THE SHOUTLESS. Collaborates with the artist and painter Sten Backman in freeform group PLANLOS IRR plus in electro/improvisation project BUGMAN. Does session work playing the violin on death metal records (MÅNEGARM, MORTIFER). Has been working as the musical director of a theatre company and touring with the group TVÅ FISK OCH EN FLÄSK, (www.jayneinsane.com/tvafisk/tvafisk.htm), playing Swedish medieval folkmusic. Studied electro acoustic composition with Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Rolf Enström, Anders Blomkvist and Erik-Mikael Karlsson at the EMS Studio in Stockholm.

The music on the record consists of pieces composed and performed during recent years.

FLESH CONVERTERS - is meat murder? (2000)

...is a contribution to the debate concerning ethics in animal keeping, and our right to use other living creatures for our own benefit. Is meat murder, and in that case, do we accept murder?
Has been performed in Norwich, Great Britain, in November 2000, and at the Fylkingen in Stockholm in December 2000.


...consists of five movements, originally sketched out during a week at the Centre for Composers in Visby, Gotland, in April 2002, and completed at the EMS Studio in Stockholm that same year.
1. Den Spretiga (The Prickly)
2. Den Vackra (Beauty)
3. Främlingen (The Stranger)
4. Den Sorgsne (The Mournful)
5. Den Glade (Merrimaker)


We are happy to have the fortune to live in a time when all thinking and reflection is taken care of for us by people with a profound and deep feeling for justice and human rights.
These great thinkers will handle all problems that can rise out of difficult political situations in the poorer outbacks of our planet.
For or against - be sure you're on the winning side.

All words come from speeches of
The President of the United States of America.
Read by Sara Jungberg.


Just that. A serenade. For strings.


Composed for an exihibition at Café Mera in Stockholm 2001.


Andante - allegro - adagio - moderato serioso

A 12 1/4 tone experiment for quadratic piano, influenced strings, and edited percussionists. At the first performance at the
Fylkingen, 2000, dancers Minna Kiper, Kristiina Viiala and Linn Johansson co-performed.


Electroacoustic suite in nine acts.
Music: Jan Liljekvist
Lyrics: Hjalmar Gullberg
Voice: James Ngugi
Percussion: Sebastian Åberg
Contains fragments from Slutförbannelser by Rolf Enström.

GOD IN DISGUISE is an attempt at writing a longer piece, consisting of short movements but held together by a unit of lyrics. I've chosen God in Disguise by Hjalmar Gullberg as a foundation for my music because this is a work that I like very much. In order to get away from the Grande Swedish sound the lyrics often take on in the mouth of a trained actor, I let my good friend James (originally from Kenya) read them.

FLESH CONVERTERS II - the revenge! (2001)

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