The Shout

Tid dörrar öppnar 18.00, musik från 18.30
Inträde 60 kr, 40 studerande och medlemmar.


Sachiko Hayashi – Visuals, Sound, Max Jitter Programming
Magnus Alexanderson – gitarr, elektronik
Jonas Broberg – elektronik
Lars Bröndum – theremin, elektronik
Girilal Baars – vevlira, elektronik


Sachiko Hayashi is a visual artist who primarily works with moving image and screen-based interactive media. Her work explores temporal compositions in subjective imagery, often resulting in audio-visual experimentation. Seeing art as crystalisation of perspectives and communication thereof, her work is born out of and often deals with her own experience as being marginalised (gender, racial, cultural, ethnic, and aesthetic).

Magnus Alexanderson is a composer, guitarist and electronic musician. His music has been performed at festivals in Sweden and around the world. Collaboration with film makers, dancers, visual artists, especially within MASH ( Releases by Elektron Records, Sweden, and Red Toucan, Canada. Currently working on two recording projects with Fontana Mix and Instant Circuit.

Jonas Broberg has been composing electroacoustic music since the late 1980s. He often performs live with his EMS Synthi A synthesizer and electronics. His music has been awarded several times including first prize in the electroacoustic competition in Bourges, France 1998 and Euphonie d’Or 2001 in Bourges. Broberg works with synthesizers and sound processors to obtain material ranging from chaotic to meditative.

Lars Bröndum, PhD, is a composer and performer of live-electronics. His music often explores the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments and lives on the border between written music and improvisation. Bröndum is currently a Professor in Music at the University of Skövde and runs the independent record label Antennae Media. More info:

Girilal Baars
Girilal Baars is a composer and performer based in Uppsala, Sweden. He works in the fields of acoustic and electroacoustic music/sound art often with elements from traditional vocal folk music, also field he has worked in for many years.

Medlemsproduktion: Girilal Baars