FYLKINGEN at Supermarket Art Fair 2016


Anne Pajunen, "I am already slowly dying", 2015, Photo: Lukas Eisenhauer

Fylkingen exhibitions @ Supermarket Art Fair 2016!
21–24 April

Performances by Fylkingen members at Supermarket RED SPOT!
Saturday 23 April

Svarta Huset
Telefonplan, Stockholm



EXHIBITION by Anne Pajunen & Fredrik Olofsson


Go fishing (2016) is a game where you fish for what is hidden, the subconcious: the voices, sounds and the fragmented images. The fishing game looks much like the ones we see at kids birthday parties, with fishing rods and all. The fish pond reveals its hidden secrets when someone throws the rod into the pond. The collaboration between Pajunen and Olofsson started in 2003 when they co-founded L’Ochestre Disparu (with fluteist Anna Svensdotter), and has resulted in several works since.

Anne Pajunen is a Stockholm based composer, singer, performance artist, viola player and stage director, creating staged concepts based on vocal, instrumental and electronic music. The work list includes music theatre pieces, performance art, videos, installations etc. She has performed and exhibited internationally, working solo and in various collaborations. Studied at Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Founder and artistic director of Swedish Modern Opera Ensemble since 1994. Has worked with commissions for Norrlandsoperan, Swedish Radio, Växjö Konsthall among others and is currently working with the collaborative art concept SALT: variations.

Fredrik Olofsson studied composition at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm and at the school of music in Piteå. Since graduation in 2000, he's worked all over the world as a software and electronics developer for art installations, and as a performer of live-video and electronic music. Currently, alongside collaborations, commissions, residencies, workshops and live performances he's doing contract work for rhyme.no in Oslo, and teaches computational art at Universität der Künste Berlin.


FYLKINGEN RECORDS listening booth

Fylkingen Records, also called Fyrec, has since 1966 produced a series of important records with emphasis on electro-acoustic music and new chamber music. Every year Fyrec presents disc editions that take advantage of Fylkingens rich heritage of electronic and experimental sound art, and highlights the most interesting composers and sound artists with a conscious gender and norm-critical perspective.
Fyrec also has a record store at Fylkingen. The shop has discs from Fylkingen Records catalog, as well as many odd, exclusive editions and rarities from a variety of other record labels specializing in experimental music in various forms.


Ann Rosén, Knämudd/Kneecuff, 2015, Photo: Ann Rosén

Saturday 23 April
16.30, RED SPOT stage

Knämudd / Kneecuff
by Ann Rosén

Ann Rosén is a sound artist, composer, musician, instrument builder, visual artist and long standing member of Fylkingen. She shall be presenting a new sound performance piece at Supermarket this year, this piece is one of many which make up her ' Great Barrier Orchestra' project.
Bredvid A. Ann Rosén performs on her Knecuff-instrument. Bredvid A is about parallel processes that might affect each other but are not linked! It's like young children engaged in parallel play. They have a lot in common and can even borrow stuff from each other but they’re still in their own worlds!


Sofia Härdig, Live Sentences, 2016, Photo: Emma Gunnarsson

Saturday 23 April
17.30, RED SPOT stage

LIVE SENTENCES by Sofia Härdig

Sofia Härdig has through the years played with a kaleidoscope of alternative rock and impro musicians.
She has shared stage and studio time with members from legendary bands like
Boredoms (JAP) Free Kitten (US) The Hellacopters (SWE), AMM (UK), bob hund(SWE), Belle and Sebastian (UK), OOIOO (Jap) Medusas bed (Lydia Lunch project), David Sylvian, The Cardigans (SWE) and the Sunburned hand of the man(US), just to mention a few.
As well as played with giants like Yoshimi, John Tilbury, Iku Mori, Eddie Prévost, Mats Gustavsson, Sofie Agnél and many others.
She works with voice, live processing, guitar, laptop, electronic, cassette. keyboard and more.
She has lived and worked in Berlin, New York, Stockholm, Bristol and Malmö.

The performer crosses the border of the black walls and puts herself in the room calling directly to the audience Is the voice an instrument, a call for help, is it private, social, excluding, including, communicating?
A piece that goes between the disciplines of art performance, vocal performance, and theatre