Improviserad musik med bland annat fransk/österrikiska duon MIAU

Mia Zabelka (AT) - Violin, Voice
Audrey Lauro (FR) - Saxophon

Mia Zabelka and Audrey Lauro are two iconoclastic musicians who have spent their lives exploring the world and expressing it sonically through a wide variety of musical situations and collaborations. Drawing from improv, 350 years of European concert music, free jazz, and music from cultures around the world, the music they create is beyond categorization, continually evolving through their life experiences keeping their minds and ears wide open. Their freedom is not bound by cultural restraint or expectation, but is a playful means to understanding themselves and the world both in greater and more nuanced ways, expressing this for wildly enthusiastic listeners who are ready for the adventurous musical journey.

Fler lysande improakter tillkommer.


Entré: 80/60 kr (studerande och Fylkingen-medlemmar)




Medlemsarrangemang: Bromander