the house

The house the house save the house you love the house you love your house its yours You should clean it be nice clean it be nice to all your rooms show that you care because you do care you care so much clean the rooms with respect and love the old ones the new ones Enter the old ones Anything that harms you? Anything unforgettable unforgivable? Anything hurts makes you freeze drowns you in anger? Clean it! Open the window and breathe.
You see the old bloodstain over there. That will take time just scrub it. You remember, it doesn’t matter anymore. Release it. She had her own story, you don’t know about that. It can’t harm you anymore. Just clean it. You see the blood gets lighter. Take away the first aid kid. You don’t need it anymore. You are safe, your house is safe. You don’t need it anymore. Wipe the floor. Go into the next room. The kitchen, maybe the kitchen. Clean the kitchen.    Take a break, have some chocolate, some tea.     Or a shot.   Relax.        Close your eyes for a moment.     You see, the kitchen was not so dirty, it’s alright.       Continue. See how the rooms are changing. Her huge, white canopy bed is gone. What’s yours is yours. Don’t crouch in the corner, it’s yours, you see? It’s your futon.

You care so much. Wipe the floor gently. Maybe you’ll find some old toys on the floor, the little cow! They make you dream. You don’t dare right now, it is too big, right?
Begin by cleaning. It is safe for you now, you want to make it safe for others. So continue, take your time, continue tidying up the corridors. They are important!
They lead you downstairs.
To the basement.

Don’t be afraid of the basement.

The darkness will protect you.

You don’t have to look at everything at once.
You see the knives. Wash the knives. You might need them for something else. The eyes who threw them, dissapeared. Eyes can throw flowers, you know. They don’t torture you anymore.

It is changing.

There was a circus in the basement, a long time ago. Do you remember? Before the knives. You remember?
A colorful, endless circus with all the miracles and machines.     All the people, celebrating people, dancing, the swing, the tightrope.           Shabby and beautifull!         They smile at you, they wave.     Bring it back! Bring back the circus. All the colorful people!
You can smell them



/Joana Fox