tillbaka till programpunkt

The Swiss duo Möslang and Guhl, who constitutes Voice Crack, have created a small orchestra out of cracked everyday electronics. "We do not only work with electronics from the garbage say the musicians. We also use cheap new stuff; radios, calculators, computer games etc. Lots of lo-tech. Today´s hi-tech is the lo-tech of tomorrow. But you can already do some nice thongs with the garbage stuff."

   Möslang and Guhl transform the consumers electronics wholly or partly into objects which are musically usefull, like resonators. They then let interference from infra-red rays and sound waves be picked up by the resonators. All so of external factors influence the sounds which are formed: the distance between the objects and their players, the physical characterics of the musician and the friction caused by his skin. The surroundings can play a role in the "chance" discovery of interference ("jumble" of waves) and thereby become a part of the piece. The sounds also influence each other, and a continually changing sound sculpture comes into being.