ISEA2004 - Östersjön


Fylkingen deltar med ett program på den färjecruise som går Helsingfors-Stockholm-Tallinn under festivalen International Symposium on Electronic Arts 2004.

* Johannes Bergmark & Sören Runolf. Bergmark plays invented constructions, saw, moog, voice and specializes on his own constructions. He is an educated piano technician and also active in Fylkingen, the Surrealist Group and at the Electronic Music Studio (EMS). He has made music for radio theatre, slide shows, many dance- and theatre groups and worked in many countries, e.g. with the unorthodox multi-instrumentalists Hal Rammel (US), Hugh Davies, the Bohman Brothers (UK) and Martin Klapper (CZ).
Runolf plays electric guitar, cello and electronics. He has played free improvised music since the end of the 70's, e.g. in Lokomotiv Konkret, Too Much Too Soon Orchestra and in duos with Sten Sandell and Mats Lindström. Active on EMS and active member of Fylkingen and FRIM. They both play in Cloudchamber (with Martin Küchen) and Smullotron (with Lise-Lotte Norelius.
* Daniel Rozenhall. Electroacoustic music, sound art, sound sculpture and installation/performance. Two LPs on Firework Edition Records, "Miasmasun" (2001) and "Eyeland" (2003).
* Lina Selander. Born: 1973, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Education: Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, School of Photography and Film at Gothenburg University (BA). Selander works with film, photography, text and sound, often with an interdisciplinary strategy. Recurrent topics in her work are the poetic dialogue between narration and abstraction, the dissolution and metamorphosis of time and memory, their compulsiveness and intensity expressed in a conceptual, minimalist form. She works with, and illuminates from different angles, the self-reference of images, both still and moving. The video works of Lina Selander are about a merging of abstract with narration, she decomposes and recomposes film as narrative structure. She wants the works to stage their own theoretic essence and being, and in doing so, to unveil a field where new meaning can emerge.
* Per Åhlund & Fredrik Olofsson - Dreams... enter the ears... enter the eyes... we give... receive... dreams... disease... dreams... humanity... in control of the subconscious... virus... bacteria... familiar... from someone you've slept with... 'Infected By Ears And Eyes'

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