Shapes of Sounds - Dark:Light Explorations - A work in progress show of Shapes of Sounds audiovisual performance for dark spaces.


Shapes of Sounds is showing a work-in-progress presentation where they explore multiple projectors in their audiovisual performance, a project aimed for dark spaces such as underground venues, caves and mines.

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Shapes of Sounds is an audiovisual duo consisting of artist & illustrator Jenny Soep and composer, performer Alexandra Nilsson. The duo has collaborated since 2015, performing in festivals, galleries and schools as well as leading Skapande Skola workshops on how to draw sounds & how to play drawings.

Within Shapes of Sounds both artists have together explored different materials, instruments, and setups for sharing live drawings together with live sound for an audience. Jenny’s drawings began with a computer & bamboo tablet, to painting with filmjölk on a window - playing with the light and shadows from street-lights, to iPad drawing.

Alexandra works both acoustic and electroacoustic, performing with various instruments as trumpet, percussion, synths and live-electronics and also incorporating field recordings; creating dynamic soundscapes and multiple soundworlds.

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Project funded by Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse

Member production: Jenny Soep