Lamination Rituals in Stockholm

egnekn, Minister of Lamination
Andrea, Enchantress of Bioluminosity

In the process of defining my work I have been involved in creating projects and events which bring people together to produce sounds and/or focus on the experience of listening. I´ve become increasingly appreciative of the enduring impression of experiences that arise out of transitory moments. Sound is a great form of transportation. I like to create situations which encourage listening and haphazardness, while contemplating that haphazardness doesn´t exist.

Recently I have been enhancing the pre-existing sounds of objects whose primary function is seemingly unrelated to the sounds they produce. (an ice crushing machine, a film projector, a laminator, a coffee machine etc.) In a social context I hope to shift perception, open windows to new experiences, provoke never-heard-before dialogs and celebrate the conscious expereince of listening. I confront limitations by utilizing them. Performances are often made in total darkness or amongst the public, but rarely on a stage. In pursuit of a spontaneous creative idea I strive to overcome the fear of producing something stupid or boring.


31.8 - 3.9 Moderna Museet
Exhibition "Lamination as a Virtual Metaphor"
11 minute video loop tracing the evolution of the laminator from a sound making device in the Generator Sound Art Gallery, New York City 1989 to it´s current role as The Official State Laminator of The Ministry of Lamination in The Kingdoms of Elgaland & Vargaland.

Featuring 109 laminations from the archives of The Ministry of Lamination

31.8 Fylkingen
"En Lysande Partikel"
On a mission to space on KREV AIR, The Ministry of Lamination returns to Earth landing at Fylkingen in Stockholm bringing with them precious particles of stardust from distant galaxies.

A ceremony performed by egnekn, The Minister of Lamination and Andrea, The Enchantress of Bioluminosity, precedes an invitation for the public to laminate single particles of precious stardust to keep with them forever, as a reminder that the infinite can exist in a very small space.

2.9 Moderna Museet
"Lamination Ritual"

Stardust and More! Free-form Lamination Rituals open to the public.

3.9 LAVA/Kulturhuset
"Vem Är Du?"

Lamination Ritual ceremony performed by egnekn, The Minister of Lamination and Andrea, The Enchantress of Bioluminosity.

After adjusting to Earth´s atmosphere, The Ministry of Lamination begins asking questions, many questions, and all questions lead to - "What Do You Hear?".
(The answer will be, "I Hear The Sound of Lamination!")

The public is invited to think about their Eyedentity, while listening to The Sound of Lamination.