Present Passions av och med Florian Feigel.
I ask somebody in the audience to take polaroid photos from time to time. Then somebody else to hand-lamp when lights are off. I am giving the light cues myself when needed.

   Florian Feigel 1

Mind-Macumba: Apocalyptic visions of the last days of the world. Combining elements of alchemistic rituals from the ancient egypt, haitian voodoo zombifications and the blossoms of nowadays hardcore comic art.

From now on throughout the whole performance a body-work will be performed: I fix a white female glove with sewing needles onto my chest. In the same way I fix another glove onto my left hand later. There will be a short song and a little dance.

   Florian Feigel 2

PRESENT PASSION is a thrilling performance-lecture on different models of cultural practice, the secrets of superheroes - and how to become one. All in all smashing good old genius cult and opening radically other views onto the possibilities of nowadays performance arts.

   Florian Feigel 3