Scanner is an assembler of the electronic past in our digital future, whose scavenging of the electronic communications highways provides the raw materials for his aural collages of electronic music and "found" conversations. Musician, writer and minimalist anti hero he is constantly at work on a variety of projects positioning him at the crossroads of academic and digital pop culture. Controversial early work utilised scanned mobile phone conversations which he wove into his soundscapes, focusing on issues of privacy and the dichotomy between the public and the private spectrum.

In recent years his work has taken him all around Europe and the USA, shapeshifting at every corner. In 1997 he composed the soundtrack to the Delta ballet at the Paris Opera House, toured the USA with DJ Spooky, performed with 100 violinists alongside Laurie Anderson, and was the feature of a South Bank Show profile on his work on British television. 1998 brought sound work on Bryan Ferry´s new album, a Fellowship in Sound at John Moore´s University in Liverpool, collaborations with visual artist Mike Kelly and composer Charlemagne Palestine and a form of urban phonogeography around London entitled "Surface Noise" with multi media producers Artangel.

In 1999 he soundtracked BBC radio productions of Cocteau´s "The Human Voice", Shakespeare´s "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and Sylvia Plath´s "Three Women," collaborated with Michael Nyman and received The Imaginaria ´99 award for Digital Art with accompanying show "Sound Polaroids" at the ICA in London.

Focuing recently on time based media he has shown as part of the .sound art show "Sonic Boom" at the Hayward Gallery in London, "As It Is" at the Ikon Gallery Birmingham and a permanent installation can be viewed in the Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum London entitled "Sound Curtains." For 2000 - 2001 he is Artist in Residence for BBC Radio 4´s "Front Row" flagship arts programme experimenting with the medium of broadcasting in a series of features.

Working most recently with graphics artist Tonne he is working on an on-going series of site specific shows around the globe entitled Sound Polaroids. Translating image to sound and back again the work encourages the collapse of legibility into texture, the distillation of sound into acoustic disturbance, amplifying the wow and flutter of the city soundscape.