The Sons of God
FYDVD 1001 - The Sons of God

"The Sons of God work in the borderland between performance, installation and music; everything contributes to the whole and provides the basic structure for that inquisitive and expansive spirit which is apparent in The Sons of God´s working method. Sound objects, pre-recorded compositions, physically demanding movements, the voice, the staged meetings and conditions, the objects: all of this constitutes the foundation for an attempt to achieve those obscure moments where daily life unites itself with the heroic nature of our inner lives."

This DVD includes a selection of works by the group The Sons of God (Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred) from the years 1988-2007 - video documentations of performances as well as films and slideshows, in all over two hours of material. The DVD also includes a full colour 24 page booklet with texts by Daniel Rozenhall.

Price: 150 SEK + shipping

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FYDVD 1001
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